Active Earth Monitor

Please note:   Support for this product ended May 1, 2017.  The content will still be available for another year or more beyond.​

Active earth monitor

What was the Active Earth Monitor?

The Active Earth Monitor was a customizable computer based earth science display designed for K-12 schools, museums, visitor centers, libraries, and universities. The Active Earth Monitor provides a way to engage audiences with earth science information without spending resources on a large exhibit. All Active Earth Monitor content can be interactive using a touch screen, mouse or trackball. The General Seisimicity content can also be displayed as rotating non-interactive content using a standard monitor.



Content could be displayed on:




The content can still be seen here  (as of 1/2019, a few things don't work)

Click to preview content. NOTE: Content is designed to run in a web browser set to full screen at a monitor resolution of 1280x1024. 

New Madrid Basin
General Seismicity Widescreen all content

Please note:   Support for this product ended May 1, 2017.  The content will still be available for another year or two beyond, not will not be generally updated or expanded.



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