The SAGA Facility operated by EarthScope Consortium, in partnership with its Member Institutions and the scientific community, manages and operates comprehensive, high-quality geophysical facilities that enable exciting discoveries in seismology and the Earth sciences.

Data Services (DS)

Data Services (DS)

A system for collecting, archiving and distributing data from SAGE facilities, as well as from a number of other national and international networks and agencies. As the world’s largest seismological data archive, its holdings exceed 100 terabytes of observational data which are open and freely available via the internet.

Education & Outreach (E&O)


A program that develops and implements a wide range of innovative educational and outreach products and activities to increase public understanding of seismology and Earth science. Regarded as a leader in this specialized arena, this program partners with other organizations to extend its impact on more diverse populations and wider audiences.

Global Seismographic Network (GSN)

Global Seismographic Network (GSN)

A permanent network of over 150 real-time seismological and geophysical sensors that serve the scientific research and monitoring requirements of our national and international community. Providing uniform global coverage of the Earth, this program collaborates with more than 100 host organizations and seismic networks in about 70 countries. 

Program for the Array Seismic Studies of the Continental Lithosphere (PASSCAL)

Portable Array Seismic Studies of the Continental Lithosphere (PASSCAL)

A program that provides and supports portable seismographic instrumentation for use by individual scientists or research teams for targeted experiments worldwide. On average, the program deploys more than 500 instruments annually, many to remote areas, and has facilitated more than 650 experiments since its inception.

United States Seismic Array (USArray)


The seismic and magnetotelluric components of the 2003-2018 EarthScope project, a program that explored the structure and evolution of the North American continent at multiple scales. These state-of-the-art facilities are providing the foundation for integrated studies; engaging hundreds of scientists, students, and the public; and revolutionizing our knowledge of the Earth.

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