IRIS hosts regular web-based seminars featuring contributions from our staff, members of the seismological community, and other professionals across the geosciences. Many webinars highlight recent scientific results stemming directly from the facilities administered by IRIS such as EarthScope's USArray or core IRIS programs like PASSCAL and the GSN. Others are directed towards Early Career Investigators and focus on professional or technical development.

Previous webinars have been archived below. For additional information about the webinars, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions.

All IRIS Webinars are also available directly from our YouTube channel.

2015-07-02Broader Impacts in the Earth Sciences Division of the National Science Foundation
2015-07-02Crustal Structure and Tectonics of Northeast Tibet from INDEPTH IV Wide-Angle Refraction and Receiver Functions
2015-07-01R/V Marcus G. Langseth: Facilities
2015-07-01Your PASSCAL Instrument Center: How to Get Started Planning Your First (or Next) Experiment
2015-06-22ObsPy: A Python Toolbox for Seismology
2015-06-22A Global Surge of Great Earthquakes and What We are Learning From Them
Dr. Thorne Lay, University of California Santa Cruz
2015-06-19Antarctic Seismology: Revealing the Secrets of an Ice-Covered Continent
2015-04-01A Taste of Python and its Capabilities
2015-03-10Career Opportunities in the Energy Industry
2015-02-24MATLAB for Analyzing and Visualizing Geospatial Data
2014-12-03Imaging Faulting and Hydration in the Alaska Subduction Zone with the R/V Langseth
2014-10-08The SEISAN Earthquake Analysis Software
2014-09-24The Nature of Cognition as a Driver for (Re)designing Lectures to Foster Learning
2014-04-09Anatomy of a Megathrust Earthquake Rupture: The 2010 M8.8 Chile Quake
2014-03-27Antelope Strikes Back: Using the Perl and Matlab Interfaces to Your Advantage
2014-03-14New Constraints on the Nature of the Gutenberg Discontinuity From Anisotropic Seismic Tomography
2014-03-12A Snapshot of Eastern Mediterranean Lithosphere and Upper Mantle: Clues for the Demise of Tethys Ocean
2014-02-12Imaging the African Superplume Using AfricaArray Data: Is the Superplume a Whole-Mantle Structure?
2014-01-15The Western U.S. Lithosphere Blues
2013-11-14Slow Earthquakes and Tremor: Imaging a Wide Spectrum of Fault Slip with Mini-Seismic Arrays
2013-11-13Induced/Triggered Earthquakes: Examples from Texas
2013-11-01Seismology and Imaging Beneath Alaska: EarthScope's Final Frontier
2013-09-26IRIS Data Products