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IRIS Earthquake Science
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Stay abreast of the latest program news, employment/educational opportunities and connect with current and past alums.
IRIS Early Career Investigators - ECIs
Connect with the IRIS Early Career Investigators for announcements and discussion involving opportunities (research-related, funding, international collaboration) for Early Career Investigators through IRIS and other organizations.
IRIS Research and Facilities
This page is intended to serve the IRIS community and partner organizations and to facilitate communication about new products, literature, and meetings.




IRIS Education & Public Outreach
Follow IRIS for excellent educational resources, fun and exciting animations, and interesting lessons about seismology, geology and geophysics.



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IRIS, UNAVCO and OpenTopography have teamed up to bring you the coolest geophysics TikTok feed around! Follow us for fun updates and interesting information about seismology, geodesy and remote sensing.




IRIS_EPO (IRIS Earthquake Science)
Follow IRIS Education and Outreach: geophysics news, earthquake information, public events and more.




IRIS Earthquake Science
Visit or subscribe to the IRIS Education and Public Outreach YouTube Channel for animations and videos on seismology, earthquakes, geology, geophysics and more.




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