The IRIS governance and management structure is an interface among the scientific community, funding agencies, and IRIS programs. The structure is designed to ensure close involvement of the research community in the development of IRIS facilities, focus scientific talent on common objectives, encourage broad participation, and effectively manage IRIS programs. Each year, over 50 scientists from member institutions participate in IRIS management through its Board of Directors, eight regular committees, and ad hoc advisory groups. Standing committees maintain community oversight while program managers are responsible for day-to-day activities. Committee scientists work with a professional staff at IRIS led by the President, Director of Planning, Director of Project Administration, Director of Finance and Administration, and the five program managers. Representatives of the full set of member institutions elect the nine-member Board of Directors.

Governance Structure

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Meeting Schedule

Board of Directors                                           April 15-16, 2020; Virtual
                                          November 9-10, 2020; Madison WI

Glossary of Committees

Committee Task
Advisory Committee Provides advice and support, makes recommendations
Oversight Committee Reviews operations
Steering Committee Stakeholders/experts, set direction
Coordinating Committee Coordinates activities and operations between multiple entities
Working Group Time limited (usually short duration), appointed to study and report on a specific topic or particular question and make recommendations based on findings
Special Interest Group A community with a shared interest in a specific topic, members cooperate to affect outcomes and/or produce solutions
Sub-Committee A subset of committee members tasked with carrying out specific duties on behalf of the parent committee.

Committees identified within the IRIS ByLaws

Committee Description
Board of Directors The body of elected representatives of the Consortium which holds governance responsibility for oversight of the activities of the Consortium and legal and fudicial responsibility for the Corporation.
Special Committees Committees made up only of Board Members, appointed by the Chair for specific Board-related tasks
Standing Committee Created by the Board for each of the Consortium's program areas. Continuing committee, works on an ongoing basis; defines expectations, grants authority, verifies performance
Advisory Council A group to provide experienced advice as requested by the Board.
Presidential Committees Committees and panels appointed by the President to assist in carrying out the business activities of the Corporation.
Other Committees Any other committees created, charged and populated by the Board. These can have duration, charges, reporting structure, deliverables as needed and as defined by the Board. Various advisory, steering and oversight committees created by the Board fall under this category.

Working Groups

The charge and membership of Working Groups are developed by the parent Committee and provided to the Board for approval. They are intended to be short duration, appointed to study and report on a specific topic or particular question and make recommendations based on findings. They may be renewed on an annual basis, after review by the Board.
Examples of current Working Groups include:

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