IRIS Statement on Racism in Geoscience

We at IRIS join our colleagues from across the country and around the globe in unequivocally denouncing racism. BLACK LIVES MATTER. We also know that racism is persistent in STEM and that there are systemic inequalities in academia and particularly in the geosciences. Continue Reading

IRIS Data Services Winter Newsletter

Find out what's happening at the IRIS DMC in the Winter Newsletter! Continue Reading

World Series of Earthquakes

IRIS's World Series addresses regional tectonic forces and resulting recent and historic earthquakes around the world (ex. Japan, Alaska, Peru-Chile, Central America, Mexico, Pacific Northwest). Continue Reading
Earthquake Resources

New Animation! Ghost Forests—Evidence for a Giant Earthquake & Tsunami in the PNW

Ghost forests are part of the evidence that a Great earthquake and devastating tsunami occurred last on January 26th, 1700 in the Pacific Northwest. How do we know this?

New Animation! Tectonics & Earthquakes of the Lesser Antilles

The islands of the Lesser Antilles are formed by the subduction of the North and South American Plates. Much has been learned in the past decades about the affect of the subducting plate.

Piecing together Alaska

Piecing together Alaska

This exciting work simultaneously takes a snapshot of the basins, volcanic systems, and tectonic plates all interacting miles beneath the surface of Alaska.
Far-flung shakes trigger small quakes

Far-flung shakes trigger small quakes

When large earthquakes of M7.0 or greater strike anywhere from tens to thousands of miles away, seismic stations around Coso often record an uptick of tinier temblors. To explore possible mechanisms for how large faraway earthquakes can trigger small ones near Coso, researchers examined 13 years of seismic data.
Undersea Earthquakes Shake Up Climate Science

Undersea Earthquakes Shake Up Climate Science

Researchers at Caltech have discovered that seismic rumblings on the seafloor can provide another tool for monitoring the temperature of ocean waters.