Final Report on the Ocean Bottom Seismograph Instrument Pool Facility

The final report for the National Science Foundation funded Ocean Bottom Instrument Pool (OBSIP) facility is now available. Continue Reading

First Release of Data from Mars InSight Now Available

The first data from the Mars SEIS (Seismic Experiment for Internal Structure) instrument is now available from the IRIS Data Management Center, in parallel with the NASA’s Planetary Data System and the IPGP’s Mars SEIS Data Service. Continue Reading

Where are the IRIS Interns Now?

A survey finds that most IRIS intern alumni are employed in the geosciences, but across a variety of employment sectors. Continue Reading


Jan 24 IRIS/SSA Distinguished Lectureship Series
Southwestern Oregon Community College (Coos Bay,Oregon)
Jan 25 IRIS/SSA Distinguished Lectureship Series
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (Rutgers,New Jersey)
Mar 4 IRIS/SSA Distinguished Lectureship Series
Discovery Museum, Science Distilled (Reno,Nevada)
Earthquake Resources

New series of short animations!

"Myth-Conceptions" is a series of 2 minute animations where we address common misunderstandings, misconceptions and myths in Earth science.

NEW ANIMATION! Earthquake!! Shaking up Central America

Whereas transform-fault and shallow-crustal-intraplate earthquakes have dominated the recent history of deadly and destructive earthquakes in Central America, we should never underestimate the potential destructive power of subduction zone earthquakes.

How thick is the lithosphere under the southeastern US?

How thick is the lithosphere under the southeastern US?

In previous seismic studies, researchers interpreted pockets of relatively slow seismic velocities in the eastern US as evidence for thin, broken-up lithosphere. But, magnetotelluric imaging supports a thick, coherent lithospheric block. Murphy and Egbert (2019) reconcile these seemingly contradictory datasets.


New research presents evidence that strong storms produce seismic surface waves that are distinct and measurable. The name for these newly discovered geophysical phenomenon? Stormquakes.
‘Suture Zone’ to Blame for Mysterious 2014 Earthquake Felt Across Florida

‘Suture Zone’ to Blame for Mysterious 2014 Earthquake Felt Across Florida

University of South Florida seismologists have uncovered the unexpected source of a magnitude 5.1 earthquake that occurred in 2014 along the northern coast of Cuba.