IRIS data used to win Gold Medal in Science Fair!

Student project "The Silence of Canadian Cities: Seismic Impact of Lockdowns" wins Gold Medal at Science Fair! Continue Reading

IRIS Statement on Racism in Geoscience

We at IRIS join our colleagues from across the country and around the globe in unequivocally denouncing racism. BLACK LIVES MATTER. We also know that racism is persistent in STEM and that there are systemic inequalities in academia and particularly in the geosciences. Continue Reading

Release of the new IRIS mars-event Service for Accessing the Seismic Event Catalog from the InSight Mission to Mars

We are proud to announce the release of the mars-event web service, an implementation of the FDSN-event specification adapted for Martian seismic events known as marsquakes. Continue Reading
Earthquake Resources

NEW VIDEO! Earthquake Alert Times in the Pacific Northwest

With even a few seconds, ShakeAlert© earthquake early warning can save lives and reduce injuries by alerting people that an earthquake may cause shaking near you as it triggers automated actions.

What is a seismograph and how does it work?

Blog post reviewing the basics of seismic monitoring equipment. Adapted from IRIS one-pager.

Boundary to backstop: the Eastern Denali Fault

Boundary to backstop: the Eastern Denali Fault

Can the eastern Denali Fault rupture as catastrophically as its westerly counterparts? A team of scientists from the University of Calgary aimed to find out.
The MAGIC of multiple datasets in eastern North America

The MAGIC of multiple datasets in eastern North America

The MAGIC experiment allows scientists to see how complicated tectonic process manifest at deep levels of the eastern margin of North America. By linking the deep structure with surface observations “we can inform our views of the past processes.”
Weird Earthquake Reveals Hidden Mechanism

Weird Earthquake Reveals Hidden Mechanism

A recent study by California State University-Bakersfield and Penn State University researchers again raises the idea that the Shumagin Gap may be able to host a great earthquake.