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About the Program


IRIS's Seismographs in Schools Program serves teachers across the country and around the world using seismic instruments or real-time seismic data in K-16 classrooms. Additionally, our site includes tools to share seismic data in real-time, classroom activities, and technical support documents for seismic instruments. Our hope is to bridge the gap between science classrooms to create an international educational seismic network.


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Are you operating a seismometer in your classroom currently? Join our network! Share your data with other teachers.


Capture the Power of an Earthquake in Your Classroom!

Earthquakes are a fascinating, powerful, and uncontrollable force that capture the attention of students.  One of the most exciting moments after installing a new seismic station in a high school classroom is recording an earthquake. Students leave their desks; teachers stop mid-sentence, as if the classroom beneath their feet were shaking!


Are You Thinking of Getting Started in Educational Seismology?

Join a growing movement of teachers using seismic data to engage students in science. Find out how to Get Started