Now Available for your Students- Join the Namazu Contest!

Compete with students around the globe in this friendly international contest! The Namazu Contest is a small competition between schools allowing students to get acquainted with seismology. This year the focus is on Mars, as NASA's InSight investigates the terrestrial planet!  Episode 1 runs from October to November and is available here!  Your class could be the first US school to make the podium in this annual contest!


About the Program

IRIS's Seismographs in Schools Program serves teachers across the country and around the world using seismic instruments or real-time seismic data in K-16 classrooms. Additionally, our site includes tools to share seismic data in real-time, classroom activities, and technical support documents for seismic instruments. Our hope is to bridge the gap between science classrooms to create an international educational seismic network.


Join our Network! 

Are you operating a seismometer in your classroom currently? Join our network! Share your data with other teachers.


In Memoriam

    Celebrating the life and legacy of John C. Lahr