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Jobs at IRIS

Posted Job Title Company Closing Date
08/29/2017 Office Operations/HR Manager IRIS Open until filled
06/27/2016 Assistant Controller IRIS Open until filled

Jobs at Other Institutions

Posted Job Title Company Closing Date
Posted Job Title Company Closing Date
10/20/2017 Faculty position in coastal hazards Virginia Tech 11/22/2017
10/20/2017 USGS Supervisory Scientist / Software Developer Southern California Seismic Network 11/03/2017
10/20/2017 Faculty Position: Faults, Fluids, and Fluid-Rock Interactions Cornell University 12/01/2017
10/20/2017 Postdoc & PhD opportunities in earthquake and/or tsunami science University of Oregon 12/15/2017
10/20/2017 Deep Earth Imaging Postdoctoral Fellow in Seismology CSIRO 10/29/2017
09/27/2017 Assistant Professor Positions James Madison University 12/01/2017
09/27/2017 Assistant Professor in Rock Physics University of Colorado Boulder 11/22/2017
09/27/2017 Assistant Professor in Earth Materials, Department of Geology University of Maryland, College Park 12/01/2017
09/27/2017 Computational Geophysics Postdoctoral Scholar Position Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 11/30/2017
09/27/2017 Postdoctoral Fellowship in Geophysics Carnegie Institution for Science, DTM, Washington, DC 12/01/2017
09/27/2017 Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Geophysics: Investigating Slow Slip using Small Events University of Oxford 10/27/2017
09/27/2017 Postdoctoral Fellowships in the Earth and Environmental Sciences Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University 11/13/2017
09/27/2017 Assistant Professor-Geophysics University of Florida, Dept. of Geological Sciences 12/31/2017
09/27/2017 2018 ASU Exploration Postdoctoral Fellowship in Earth and Space Science Arizona State University 07/01/2018
09/27/2017 Graduate Student Opportunities in Geophysical Analysis of Karst - NMT New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology 01/15/2018
09/27/2017 Assistant Professor of Hydrogeology University of Oklahoma School of Geology and Geophysics 02/28/2018
09/27/2017 Open-rank Professor in Exploration Geophysics University of Oklahoma School of Geology and Geophysics 02/28/2018
09/27/2017 Post-doctoral research position in computational seismology Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Iceland 11/02/2017
09/27/2017 Scientist or Technical Scientist for Research and Development Center for Ocean Drilling Science Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) 11/08/2017
09/27/2017 Project Technical Scientist for Earthquake and Tsunami Forecasting System Research Group, CEAT Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) 10/31/2017
09/27/2017 PhD position in Seismology ETH Zürich 10/31/2017
09/27/2017 PhD position in seismology and computational geophysics ETH Zürich 10/31/2017
09/27/2017 PhD Position in Seismology (Physics) for Gravitational Wave Detection University of Western Australia, School of Physics and Astrophysics 10/28/2017
09/27/2017 Senior Staff Scientist/Polar Service Manager PASSCAL Instrument Center, New Mexico Tech 11/20/2017
09/27/2017 Staff Scientist/Polar Projects Field Engineer PASSCAL Instrument Center, New Mexico Tech 11/20/2017
08/18/2017 Postdoctoral Opportunity in Earthquake Geodesy University of Iowa 10/31/2017
08/18/2017 PhD opportunity in Geophysics Victoria University of Wellington 11/03/2017
08/18/2017 Mine Seismologist Institute of Mine Seismology (Australia) 10/31/2017
08/18/2017 PhD and postdoc positions in seismology Michigan State University 06/01/2018


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