Frequently Asked Questions

How can I purchase an educational seismometer?

AS-1 Seismometer

The AS-1 is a portable effective classroom tool for teaching about earthquakes and the instruments that record them. The AS-1 has been loaned to many teachers through the Seismographs in Schools program. The network is still growing and more instruments are being loaned to teachers who participate in IRIS workshops. 



In the UK, the SEP seismometer system is a horizontal seismometer that uses electromagnetic induction to detect ground motion (velocity) and eddy current damping. These seismometers are available from MUTR.



Vertical School Seismometer, available commercially from Ward’s Natural Science.



The CMG-PEPPV records vertical ground motion. It is a complex and sensitive instrument that can record global earthquakes.  Guralp seismometers are available from Guralp Systems.


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