Real-time Seismograms for Public Displays

View seismograms in real-time using jAmaseis!

jAmaseis is a free, cross-platform software that allows users to collect and view seismic data from around the world.

Using jAmaseis, you can choose from thousands of seismic stations around the world and view streaming seismic data in near real-time! View up to three stations simultaneously or display three components of a single seismic station. The data stream looks just like a helicorder (drum recorder) but without the upkeep. Users can easily change the stations that are displayed at any time. Excellent display for museums, schools and other public venues!

  • View near real-time seismic data
  • Choose from thousands of stations world-wide
  • Display three different seismic stations simultaneously or show three components from one station
  • Educational applications beyond public display capabilities ([url=][/url])
  • Can be used to display a local seismometer
  • FREE! 

The software is Java based and runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux, including Raspberry Pi.  Java included with the installers. 

Download jAmaseis

Download User Manual