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EarthScope hosts regular web-based seminars featuring contributions from our staff, members of the seismological community, and other professionals across the geosciences. In 2020, the webinar series is broadening the scope to include presentations from members of the geodetic community. Many webinars highlight recent scientific results stemming directly from the facilities administered by EarthScope. Others are directed towards Early Career Investigators and focus on professional or technical development.

Previous webinars have been archived below.

All EarthScope Webinars are also available directly from our YouTube channel.

In addition to webinars, this August 18-20, 2020, there will be several Virtual Special Interest Group meetings that were originally planned as part of the 2020 GAGE/NSF SAGE workshop. More information and free registration will be available closer to the time of the events.

2023-02-16 Detecting Earthquakes in Noisy Real-Time GNSS Data with Machine Learning for Earthquake and Tsunami Early Warning
Sydney Dybing, University of Oregon
2023-01-19 Dynamics and composition of mantle plumes: Insights from connecting geodynamic models to seismic observations
Juliane Dannberg, University of Florida
2022-11-10 Ice Ghosts: At the intersection of art, snow seismology, and public imagination
Julien Chaput, University of Texas at El Paso
2022-10-27 Quantifying geomorphic change using drone-based lidar
Harrison Martin, Indiana University
2022-09-29 Lunar Seismology: Past, Present Future
Ceri Nunn, NASA JPL / CalTech
2022-05-26 Advancing Pedagogy and Inclusivity through Multi-Modal Seismology Modules in the Era of COVID-19
Derek Schutt (CSU), Margarete Jadamec (UBuffalo), Tolu Olugboji (URochester), Stefany Sit (UIC)
2022-04-14 Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Ambient Noise Interferometry as a Volcanic Eruption Forecasting Tool
Ninfa Bennington, USGS Hawaii Volcano Observatory
2022-03-10 Discovering Historical Tsunami Data Through Time-Lapse Animation
Nicolas Arcos and Lindsey Wright, NOAA NCEI
2022-02-11 Hazard, resource and risk assessments in the near surface through active source seismology
Lee Liberty, Boise State University
2021-11-11 Megathrusts, subducting crust, volcanic arcs or their absence: insights from Alaska portable-arrays
Geoff Abers, Cornell University
2021-04-29 Unraveling earthquake stresses: Insights from dynamically triggered earthquakes
Richard Alfaro-Diaz, Los Alamos National Lab
2021-03-18 Evidence of Aseismic & Fluid-Driven Processes in a Small Complex Seismic Swarm Near Virginia City, Nevada
Rachel Hatch-Ibarra, University of Nevada-Reno
2021-01-28 The use of nuclear magnetic resonance for understanding groundwater resources
Kristina Keating, Rutgers University - Newark
2020-11-30 Improving earthquake rate models for seismic hazard forecasts: Swarms, fluid injection and volcanos, oh my!
Andrea Llenos, U.S. Geological Survey
2020-10-22 GAGE/SAGE Plenary Session: New approaches to processing big geophysical and geospatial datasets
Lindsey Heagy (UC-Berkeley) and Michael Olsen (Oregon State Univ.)
2020-09-24 GAGE/SAGE Plenary Session: Behavior at and coupling across key Earth interfaces
Heather Ford (UC-Riverside) and Diego Melgar (University of Oregon)
2020-04-08 Instrumentation for Observational Seismology - Where our wiggles come from
Adam Ringler, USGS Albuquerque Seismological Laboratory
2020-03-11 Urban Seismology in Megacities: the Los Angeles BASIN Experiment
Patricia Persaud, Louisiana State University
2020-02-12 Seismology in Alaska: Earthquakes, bears, and high-performance computing
Carl Tape, University of Alaska Fairbanks
2020-01-29 Fiber-optic Seismology in Theory and Practice
Nate Lindsey, Stanford University
2019-10-23 Earthquakes in Paradise: Earthquake and Tsunami Monitoring in the Northeast Caribbean
Elizabeth Vanacore, University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez
2019-09-25 Seismology in the Solar System: The InSight Mission to Mars
Angela Marusiak, University of Maryland
2019-05-29 Volcano Variety: Understanding Arcs with Multi Scale Seismic Imaging
Helen Janiszewski, Carnegie Institution for Science
2019-03-27 Hydraulic Fracturing Induced Seismicity
Rob Skoumal, USGS Menlo Park
2019-02-27 Fast rupture of the 2018 Mw 7.5 Palu earthquake
Dr. Pablo Ampuero, Institut de Recherche pour le Developpement, Universite Cote d'Azur, and Caltech
2019-01-30 Seismic Instrumentation in LIGO
Dr. Jenne Driggers, LIGO Hanford Observatory
2018-11-14 ShakeAlert: The Path to West Coast Earthquake Early Warning ... how a few seconds can save lives and property
Doug Given and Dr. Robert-Michael de Groot, USGS Pasadena
2018-10-17 Three Types of Noise Sources Recorded on Seismometers - An Overview of Impacts and Applications
Dr. Robert Anthony, USGS Albuquerque Seismological Laboratory
2018-05-23 Volcanoes: Using Seismology to Find Where is the Magma and How Does it Get to the Surface?
Dr. Stephen McNutt, University of South Florida
2018-04-18 Evolving Uses for Dense Geophone Arrays in Solid Earth and Environmental Seismology
Dr. Brandon Schmandt, University of New Mexico
2018-03-14 Reflections of a Peripatetic Seismologist: Making Broader Impact Deeper
Dr. Susan Hough, USGS Pasadena
2018-02-21 Glacial Earthquakes and Cryoseismology as a Tool for Investigating Greenland Outlet Glaciers
Dr. Stephen Veitch, University of Texas at El Paso
2017-09-20 Accurate Seismic Event Location: A Question of Context
Dr. Steven Gibbons, NORSAR
2017-08-30 Flavors of Pacific Northwest Earthquakes
Dr. John Vidale, University of Washington & Southern California Earthquake Center
2017-07-26 Down to Earth with an Electric Hazard from Space
Dr. Jeffrey Love, USGS Geomagnetism Program
2017-06-28 Early Results from IRIS Wavefields Experiment in Oklahoma
Drs. Nori Nakata (Univ. of Oklahoma) & Chuck Langston (CERI/Univ. of Memphis)
2017-05-24 Several flavors of seismogenic magma movement under Kilauea Volcano
Dr. Weston Thelen, USGS Cascade Volcano Observatory
2017-05-03 Social Media for Scientists and Science Programs
Dr. Wendy Bohon, IRIS Consortium
2017-04-05 An interdisciplinary approach to Understanding and Promoting Spatial Learning Processes in the Geosciences
Drs. Thomas Shipley (Temple Univ.), Nicole LaDue (N. Illinois Univ.), and Mike Brudzinski (Miami Univ. of Ohio)
2017-03-29 Geoscience education research at the post secondary and professional level
Dr. Eric Riggs (Texas A&M University) and Dr. Clare Bond (University of Aberdeen)
2017-03-15 Results from the Salton Seismic Imaging Project (SSIP)
Dr. Liang Han, UTIG, Austin, TX
2017-03-01 Facilitating Data Discovery and Access Across FDSN Datacenters with the IRIS Federator
Dr. Robert Weekly, IRIS Data Services
2016-11-30 IDEA(L) Model Message Design and Distribution Strategies
Deanna and Tim Sellnow, University of Central Florida
2016-10-27 Tips and Tricks for Applying to Graduate School in the Geosciences
Jackie Caplan-Auerbach, Western Washington University
2016-09-21 FuncLab 1.7.8: one postdoc’s revision to a community Matlab tool for handling receiver functions
Rob Porritt, University of Arizona
2016-05-25 Hydrocarbon Play Elements from a Geophysical Point of View
Fred Schroeder, retired from Exxon-Mobil and Noble Energy
2016-05-18 Ground Motion and Hazard from Induced Seismicity
Gail Atkinson, Western University
2016-03-16 Building Earthquake Early Warning on the West Coast
Dr. John Vidale, University of Washington
2016-02-03 Yes, Humans Really Are Causing Earthquakes
Justin Rubinstein, USGS-Menlo Park
2016-01-19 Procesos de Ruptura al Borde de Zonas de Acoplamiento Sísmico
Dr. Pablo Ampuero, California Institute of Technology
2015-12-02 Building a community project: the experience of the Eastern North America Margin (ENAM) Community Seismic Experiment
M. Beatrice Magnani, Southern Methodist University
2015-10-29 Aftershock Imaging with Dense Arrays (AIDA): Lessons from the Mw 5.8 Virginia Earthquake of 2011
Drs. Larry Brown (Cornell) and John Hole (Virginia Tech)
2015-10-21 Tomografía de velocidad de grupo de ondas de Rayleigh para el sur y centro de México
Arturo Iglesias, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
2015-10-14 El “Phase Weighted Stack” y el “Phase Cross-Correlation” para la extracción de señal en ruido sísmico
Martin Schimmel, Instituto de Ciencias de la Tierra Jaume Almera
2015-10-08 Tomografía sísmica de ruido sísmico ambiental en la región nordeste de Brasil
Rafaela Dias and Jordi Julia, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte
2015-09-23 Thinking Differently About Geoscience Careers
Heather Houlton, American Geoscience Institute
2015-08-26 Insight into the NSF Review System and Early Career Funding Opportunities
Dr. Jennifer Wade, National Science Foundation
2015-06-22 A Global Surge of Great Earthquakes and What We are Learning From Them
Dr. Thorne Lay, University of California Santa Cruz
2015-05-30 ObsPy: A Python Toolbox for Seismology
Lion Krischer and Tobias Megies, Munich University
2015-05-13 Antarctic Seismology: Revealing the Secrets of an Ice-Covered Continent
Dr. Douglas Wiens, Washington University in St. Louis
2015-04-30 A Taste of Python and its Capabilities
Emily Wolin, Northwestern University
2015-04-16 Your PASSCAL Instrument Center: How to Get Started Planning Your First (or Next) Experiment
Dr. Megan Anderson, Colorado College
2015-03-11 Career Opportunities in the Energy Industry
Dr. Fred Schroeder, Noble Energy
2015-02-24 MATLAB for Analyzing and Visualizing Geospatial Data
Dr. Loren Shure, MathWorks
2014-12-03 Imaging Faulting and Hydration in the Alaska Subduction Zone with the R/V Langseth
Dr. Donna Shillington, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University
2014-10-29 R/V Marcus G. Langseth: Facilities
Sean Higgins, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
2014-10-08 The SEISAN Earthquake Analysis Software
Dr. Lars Ottemøller, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, and Dr. Peter Voss, University of Bergen
2014-09-24 The Nature of Cognition as a Driver for (Re)designing Lectures to Foster Learning
Michael Hubenthal, IRIS
2014-05-21 Crustal Structure and Tectonics of Northeast Tibet from INDEPTH IV Wide-Angle Refraction and Receiver Functions
Dr. Marianne Karplus, University of Southampton
2014-04-23 Broader Impacts in the Earth Sciences Division of the National Science Foundation
Drs. Lina Patino and Justin Lawrence, National Science Foundation
2014-04-09 Anatomy of a Megathrust Earthquake Rupture: The 2010 M8.8 Chile Quake
Dr. Stephen Hicks, University of Liverpool
2014-03-27 Antelope Strikes Back: Using the Perl and Matlab Interfaces to Your Advantage
Dr. Heather DeShon, Southern Methodist University
2014-03-12 A Snapshot of Eastern Mediterranean Lithosphere and Upper Mantle: Clues for the Demise of Tethys Ocean
Dr. Berk Biryol, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2014-02-26 New Constraints on the Nature of the Gutenberg Discontinuity From Anisotropic Seismic Tomography
Dr. Caroline Beghein, University of California, Los Angeles
2014-02-12 Imaging the African Superplume Using AfricaArray Data: Is the Superplume a Whole-Mantle Structure?
Dr. Andy Nyblade, Pennsylvania State University
2014-01-15 The Western U.S. Lithosphere Blues
Dr. Rob Porritt, University of Southern California
2013-11-20 Induced/Triggered Earthquakes: Examples from Texas
Dr. Cliff Frohlich, University of Texas at Austin
2013-11-14 Slow Earthquakes and Tremor: Imaging a Wide Spectrum of Fault Slip with Mini-Seismic Arrays
Dr. Ahbi Ghosh, University of California, Riverside
2013-11-01 Seismology and Imaging Beneath Alaska: EarthScope's Final Frontier
Dr. Geoff Abers, Cornell University
2013-09-26 IRIS Data Products
Dr. Alex Hutko, IRIS Data Services
2013-09-12 3D Inversion of EarthScope MT Data
Dr. Gary Egbert, Oregon State University
2013-05-29 Methods of Seismic Monitoring for Underground Nuclear Explosions: Past, Present, and (Maybe) Future
Dr. Paul Richards, Columbia University
2013-04-24 Seismic Tomography and Interferometry: from Shallow to Deep
Dr. Fan Chi-Lin, California Institute of Technology
2013-04-10 Five Things You Can Do Right Now to Make Your Presentations a Little Bit Better
Dr. Scott St. George, University of Minnesota
2013-03-28 Body-Wave Seismic Interferometry - Data Mining from Distant Seismicity
Dr. Elmer Ruigrok, Delft University of Technology
2013-03-13 Under the Sea - Ocean Bottom Seismology for Landlubbers
Dr. Doug Wiens, Washington University in St. Louis
2013-02-26 The Secret Lives of 'Quiescent' Volcanoes - Clues from Volcano Seismology
Dr. Diana Roman, Carnegie Institution of Washington, Department of Terrestrial Magnetism
2013-01-31 Understanding the NSF system: Some Tips from a Program Officer's Perspective
Dr. Greg Anderson, National Science Foundation
2013-01-09 Communicating Science with the Media and General Public
Dr. Lucy Jones, United States Geological Survey
2012-11-08 Incorporating IRIS-Held Data into Research Workflows
Celso Reyes, IRIS Data Services
2012-10-25 Modeling the Crust and Upper Mantle Under the Central and Western U.S. by Joint Inversion of Receiver Functions and Surface Waves
Dr. Weisen Shen, University of Colorado at Boulder
2012-10-03 ANTELOPE and SAC - An Overview and Short Tutorial from a User's Perspective
Dr. Heather DeShon, Southern Methodist University
2012-09-26 Infrasonics and the USArray
Dr. Kristoffer T. Walker, University of California - San Diego
2012-09-05 Getting Ready for Class - Preparing to Teach to Maximize Learning
Dr. David McConnell, North Carolina State University
2012-08-15 Earthquake Science at the Border Between Real Time Response and Long-Term Research
Dr. Gavin Hayes, United States Geological Survey
2012-05-03 Geologic Structure at the Bottom of the World: Highlights from Antarctic Seismology
Dr. Samantha Hansen, University of Alabama
2012-04-04 The Source Complexities of Recent Megathrust Earthquakes as Imaged by the Back-Projection Method
Eric Kiser, Harvard University
2012-01-11 Exploring the North American Upper Mantle Using EarthScope Data
Dr. Huaiyu Yuan, University of California, Berkeley
2011-06-01 Mantle Dynamics Beneath a Young Volcanic Province, Observations and Models for the High Lava Plains, Oregon
Dr. Maureen D. Long, Yale University