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2018 Feb 15th

IRIS Animations, Webinars and Videos

IRIS has more than 200 animations, webinars and videos to provide information and background on Earth science fundamentals from plate tectonics to seismic wave propagation. Continue Reading

2017 Oct 4th

EarthScope’s Transportable Array Spans Alaska, the Last Frontier

After covering the lower 48 United States from coast to coast with a grid of nearly 1700 sites, the final seismic station of the EarthScope Transportable Array has been installed in Alaska! Continue Reading

2017 Sep 27th

IRIS Special Event Pages

IRIS Special Event web pages provide links to data products and images of data and materials available from IRIS programs and preliminary research results from the seismology community. Continue Reading

2017 Aug 14th

My Experience as an IRIS Alaska Transportable Array Intern

Follow IRIS intern Amin Abbasi through his adventures installing Transportable Array seismometers in Alaska! Continue Reading

2017 Jun 27th

Register for the 2017 Ocean Bottom Seismology Symposium!

The 2017 OBS Symposium will be held September 18-19 in Portland, Maine. Continue Reading

2017 Jun 2nd

WEBINARS: Geology and Geophysics in the Petroleum Industry

Please join Dr. Fred Schroeder, Retired from Exxon-Mobil and Noble Energy, for lessons from his course on Geology and Geophysics in the Petroleum Industry. Continue Reading

2017 Mar 23rd

The Alaska Transportable Array Team: Achieving Success in Challenging Environments

Alaska’s TA stations offer a rare opportunity to collect information from remote regions. ​(Photo credit: Maria Sanders) Continue Reading

2017 Mar 6th

Couldn’t go to this year’s Iditarod in Alaska?

Make plans to attend the
EarthScope National Meeting Anchorage
May 16-18, 2017

Register Now!

Continue Reading

2016 Dec 9th

IRIS Research Experiences for Undergraduates

IRIS summer interns complete their 19th year of conducting research under the guidance of IRIS Consortium members. Continue Reading

2016 Dec 9th

Data from Community Wave-field Demonstration Experiment Now Available

IRIS is pleased to announce that the data collected during the Community Wavefields Demonstration Experiment are now fully archived and available at the IRIS Data Management Center. Continue Reading

2016 Nov 30th

New GSN Affiliate Station Begins Operations in Tajikistan

The IRIS GSN recently installed a new Global Seismographic Network affiliate station in Simiganch, Tajikistan. The installation and its ongoing operation are part of a new agreement between IRIS and the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan. Continue Reading

2015 Oct 14th

IRIS and its Partners Conduct Seismic Data Workshop in Vietnam

Seismologists and seismic network operators from 19 Asian countries recently participated in a week-long training course on the management of data from seismic networks. Continue Reading

2015 Jun 8th

2015 Field Activities Start in Alaska and Northwestern Canada

Earlier this spring, the Transportable Array team headed to the field to begin this year’s deployment in Alaska and Northwestern Canada. Continue Reading

2014 Mar 31st

Innovation Fund established

A new fund has been established to help sustain IRIS's vision for innovation and community engagement in Earth Science and Seismology. Continue Reading

2014 Feb 20th

OBSIP: Supporting the Cascadia Initiative and Improving Ocean Bottom Seismograph Data Quality

Final deployment of Cascadia instruments, July 2014. Continue Reading

2013 Apr 15th

GLISN: International Team Investigates the Greenland Ice Sheet

The Greenland Ice Sheet Monitoring Network is an 11-nation collaboration initiated by IRIS to establish a new northern observatory for monitoring this rapidly changing ice sheet. Continue Reading

2012 Oct 29th

IDOR – Studying 100 Million Years of Mountain Building and Volcanism in Idaho and Oregon

The IDOR controlled-source field crew, who collected data across the mountain ranges and volcanic fields of Idaho and Oregon, was one of the largest and most diverse teams assembled for an IRIS-facilitated experiment. Continue Reading