Earthquake Information

August 23, 2011 (17:51:04 UTC)

Quake Location

Magnitude 5.8 Virginia

A moderate earthquake occurred in Virginia 61 km (38 miles) NW from Richmond, VA and 135 km (84 miles) SW from Washington DC.  This shallow (6 km) earthquake occurred as reverse faulting on a northeast-striking plane within a previously recognized seismic zone, the 'Central Virginia Seismic Zone'. The Central Virginia Seismic Zone has produced small and moderate earthquakes since at least the 18th century.


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Animations and Visualizations

  • USArray Wave Propagation (mpeg-4 2.50 MB)
  • 24-hr Seismogram from closest station, CBN Fredericksburg, VA (08/23/11 571 KB) (08/24/11 885 KB)
  • 24-hr Seismogram from USArray station, KMSC Blacksburg, SC (08/23/11 867 KB) (08/24/11 917 KB)

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