GSN Documents

Historic Documents:

"Rainbow" Proposal, 1984 - Appendix 1C, "Design Considerations for the New Global Seismographic Network" (1.8MB pdf)

"Rainbow" Proposal, 1984 - Appendix 1D, "IRIS-USGS Letter of Understanding" (412KB pdf)

GSN Design Goals, 1985 (1.1MB pdf)

GSN Design Goals, 2002

GSN Technical Plan (IRIS, USGS), 1990 (6.9MB pdf)

History of IRIS, 2002 IRIS workshop Powerpoint presentation (2.5MB ppt)


Recent Documents:

Statement: Impact of Wind Generators on the Global Seismographic Network, 2016 (111K pdf)

2015 Review of the Global Seismographic Network

Global Seismographic Network Collage, 2012 (7MB pdf)

Greenland Ice Sheet monitoring Network poster, 2012 (32MB pdf)

Global Seismographic Network Design Goals Update, 2002 (156K pdf)

2003 Review of the Global Seismographic Network, 2003 (668K pdf)

GSN Next Generation Data Acquisition System Specifications, 2003 (2.5MB pdf)


Next Generation DAS Evaluation Reports (Sandia National Laboratories):

Quanterra Q330HR High Resolution, 6/6/06 (1.6 Mb pdf)

Refraction Technology RT130-GSN High Resolution, 6/6/06 (1.5 Mb pdf)

IMPORTANT:  These evaluations were performed in a very controlled environment utilizing specialized equipment and were designed to thoroughly test all aspects of the proto-type digitizer capabilities. Several of these tests, if performed incorrectly, or if taken beyond the manufacturer's specified performance parameters may damage the digitizers or degrade their performance or life span. These are NOT intended to be acceptance testing procedures for production units.


GSN History Poster:

50 Years of Global Seismic Observations - Presented at AGU, Dec 07 (5.9MB pdf)