Webinars held in 2012

2012-11-08 Incorporating IRIS-Held Data into Research Workflows
Celso Reyes, IRIS Data Services
2012-10-25 Modeling the Crust and Upper Mantle Under the Central and Western U.S. by Joint Inversion of Receiver Functions and Surface Waves
Dr. Weisen Shen, University of Colorado at Boulder
2012-10-03 ANTELOPE and SAC - An Overview and Short Tutorial from a User's Perspective
Dr. Heather DeShon, Southern Methodist University
2012-09-26 Infrasonics and the USArray
Dr. Kristoffer T. Walker, University of California - San Diego
2012-09-05 Getting Ready for Class - Preparing to Teach to Maximize Learning
Dr. David McConnell, North Carolina State University
2012-08-15 Earthquake Science at the Border Between Real Time Response and Long-Term Research
Dr. Gavin Hayes, United States Geological Survey
2012-05-03 Geologic Structure at the Bottom of the World: Highlights from Antarctic Seismology
Dr. Samantha Hansen, University of Alabama
2012-04-04 The Source Complexities of Recent Megathrust Earthquakes as Imaged by the Back-Projection Method
Eric Kiser, Harvard University
2012-01-11 Exploring the North American Upper Mantle Using EarthScope Data
Dr. Huaiyu Yuan, University of California, Berkeley