Support for Active Source Experiments

As part of its current operating award, IRIS provides expanded support for special services related to permitting and access to active seismic sources (explosions and vibrators) that are used in reflection and refraction studies of the crust. A sub-award to University of Texas-El Paso allows IRIS community members to utilize their long-standing expertise in land-based controlled seismic sources for academic seismic projects and to receive training for permitting and deploying explosive shots, such as a recent day-long short course at the 2013 AGU Fall Meeting. Steve Harder and Cathy Snelson are the main points of contact for the UTEP resources and training opportunities, respectively.

Relevant white paper: "Active Seismic Sources within IRIS: Report from the IRIS committee exploring an Active Source Facility" (PDF) - Alan Levander (Rice), Tom Pratt (USGS)


EarthScope IDaho-ORegon (IDOR) 2012 seismic refraction / wide-angle reflection survey shot loading and stemming crew, led by Steven Harder (third from left), in front of the explosives pump truck.