Earthquake Preparedness

Earthquakes can strike at any time. If you live in an earthquake prone region, it's not a question of IF, but WHEN. But you can prepare! Earthquake preparation is a life-long journey, and doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Small steps add up! Learn about how to become more resilient in the face of earthquakes and other disasters.

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EARTHQUAKE! Steps to take when it strikes
Time: 3m 3s / Level: Novice

Drop! Cover! Hold On!
We do not know where we will be when an earthquake strikes, but we can know how to protect ourselves when it happens.  This animation shows quick steps to take in a variety of scenarios.  Educators Q & A pdf file is available as an optional download.

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Preparedness Journey
Time: 2m 2s / Level: Novice

Being prepared for disasters doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Just start small and keep going! In this video, from the Washington Emergency Management Division frames preparedness as a life-long journey and suggests first steps that people can take to become more resilient in the face of earthquakes and other disasters.

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Prepare in a Year Guide
Time: 1h / Level: Novice

Preparation for disasters may seem daunting or intimidating, but it’s actually simple and easy! This Prepare in a Year book will help walk you through twelve (12) important steps for disaster preparedness. It’s as simple as completing one activity a month.

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Home Hazard Hunt
Time: 1m 39s / Level: Novice

You never know where you might be when an earthquake strikes. For this reason, it’s important to ensure that your home--or any other place where you spend significant amounts of time--is as earthquake-safe as possible. In this video, the Washington Emergency Management Division walks viewers through a Home Hazard Hunt in order to identify and fix some of the most common earthquake hazards in the home, including unsecured furniture and appliances.

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Pet Preparedness
Time: 1m 48s / Level: Novice

In the event of an earthquake or other disaster, dealing with a missing pet or being unable to feed your four-legged family member can add extra, unnecessary stress. Plan ahead by creating a go-bag for each of your pets, in case you need to evacuate or are unable to access services.

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