Petroleum Exploration: A Field Example


This short course takes a brief look at what happens in the early stages of field exploration in the petroleum industry. The Gippsland Basin, offshore Australia, is the field example, and we start with a look prior to the first offshore licensing round of the field. Throughout the course, we will progress to the stage of management review of a wildcat well. 

This short course proceeds through eight (8) lessons, the first as an introduction and the remaining seven as independent lessons to be covered. Each lesson, excluding the first, contains lecture material and exercises for you to examine. Please follow the lessons sequentially, as they build upon one another.



At the end of this short course, the student should be able to:

  • State and describe the five (5) major play elements in exploration
  • Evaluate the Gippsland Basin as a potential exploration field
  • Estimate the Ultimate Recovery of oil and natural gas from the Gippsland Basin

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This course, based on teaching material from Dr. Fred Schroeder (formerly of Exxon/ExxonMobil), reflects on the geology and geophysics basics for the petroleum industry. General geology and basic geophysics are not required, but helpful with the material.

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