ShakeAlert—Using GPS to Enhance the Earthquake Early Warning System

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How does GPS enhance the ShakeAlert® EEW system?

The ShakeAlert Earthquake Early Warning system uses over two thousand seismometers and GPS sensors to detect earthquakes rapidly and alert people in the affected areas. The ShakeAlert System does not predict earthquakes. Instead, within seconds after an earthquake starts, the ShakeAlert system quickly estimates an earthquake's location, magnitude, and where dangerous shaking might occur."


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  • The ShakeAlert system does not predict earthquakes
  • ShakeAlert partners quickly determine where to deliver alerts
  • The entire West Coast experiences earthquakes
  • GPS sensors can help define strong (M7) and great (M8-9) earthquakes
  • GPS data result in alerts being expanded to broader areas.
  • If you feel an earthquake, remember to: Drop–Cover–Hold on

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