2011 Workshop

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   Workshop goals:
      ‣ address opportunities and challenges in USArray data processing
      ‣ current practices forum for relative newcomers
      ‣ inspire new leaders to push Earthscope data analysis forward

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   Session 1: An Overview of EarthScope's Seismic Facilities & Data

     1.1  An Overview of USArray Woodward

  (zipped pptx & movie files 104 MB)

     1.2  The Array Network Facility Woodward

  (zipped ppt 7.56 MB)

   Session 2: Accessing & Working with EarthScope Seismic Data

     2.1  A Technical Overview of Seismic Data Dotson

  (zipped pptx 21.7 MB)

     2.2  Data Access at the IRIS/EarthScope DMC Trabant

  (zipped pptx 7.19 MB)

   Session 3: Basic Concepts of Seismic Data Processing and Analysis Software

     3.1  Introduction to SAC (Seismic Analysis Code) van der Lee

          Files: (pdf 72.2 kB)

                      SAC_Resp_Script_GMT_codes (tar 886 kB)

     3.2  Instrument Responses van der Lee


  Powerpoint (zipped ppt 16.8 MB)
  Notes (pdf 59.9 kB)

     3.3  SOD (Standing Order for Data) Woodward


  Powerpoint (zipped ppt 3.11 MB)
Session Demos:
  Demo 1 & 2 (zipped 4.32 kB)

     Student Introductions

  (zipped pptx 23 MB)



   Session 3 continued: Basic Concepts of Seismic Data Processing and Analysis Software

     3.4  Using MATLAB to Process and Analyze Seismograms Woodward

  (zipped pptx 73.1 kB)

  Zipped Folder (zipped 35.9 MB)

   Session 4: An Introduction to Programming For Seismic Data Processing

     4.1  Data Processing Philosophies Woodward

  (zipped pptx 510 kB)

     4.2  Introductory Unix Shell Scripting van der Lee

          Files: (pdf 74.1 kB)

     4.3  Programming Tips/Commenting West

  (zipped ppt 373 kB)

     4.4  Programming Resources for Seismologists Trabant

  (zipped pptx 997 kB)

     4.5  DUDE - Discovery Using Duct-tape Excessively Miller

  (zipped pptx 371 kB)

   5. Databases and Large Dataset Management

     5.1  Databases and SQL Trabant

  (zipped pptx 196 kB)

     3.5  Data Processing & Analysis: Colorado Plateau Case Study Miller

  (zipped ppt & movie files 22.3 MB)

     5.2  Introduction Data Management & Analysis with EMERALD West

  (zipped ppt 994 kB)

  EMERALD Class Demo (pdf 13.4 kB)

  EMERALD Hints and Tricks (pdf 15.3 kB)

     5.3  An Introduction to Antelope Dotson

  (zipped pptx 1.61 MB)



   Session 6: An In-Depth Discussion of MATLAB as a Tool for Seismology

     6.1  Wavefield Visualizations Woodward

            MATLAB demo code (zipped 80 KB)

            Sample movies (zipped 156 MB)

     6.2  Splitlab Miller

          Files: (txt 2.39 kB)

     6.3  Funclab Miller & West

  (zipped ppt 468 kB)

  FuncLab Script (pdf 9.02 kB)

     6.4  MathWorks Representative Cleveland

   Session 7: Special Topics

     7.1  Using the Generic Mapping Tools Effectively (GMT) van der Lee

          Files: (pdf 76 kB)

     7.2  An Introduction to Parallel Processing Pavlis

  (zipped folder 203 kB)

  Example programs
    (tar file 7.6 Mb)

     7.3  An Introduction to Reflection-Based Processing Pavlis

  (zipped folder 125 MB)



   Session 8: Special Topics 2

     8.1  Visualization Pavlis & Woodward

          Files: Paraview Tutorial  (zip 148 kB)

                      Paraview files  (zip 208 MB)

                      Matlab: see files in section 6.1 above

     8.2  DMC Earth Model Collaboration van der Lee

             Earth Model Collaboration home

     8.3  EarthVision Miller

  (zipped pptx 5.3 MB)

  Movies  (zipped 26 MB)

     8.4  Introduction to Professional Development Environments (XCode) Ammon

          Files: (pdf 1.4 MB)

     8.5  Creating a Simple GUI-Based OS-X Application with XCode Ammon

          Files: (pdf 4.8 MB)

     8.6  Data Processing & Analysis: Tremor Case Study Brudzinski

  (zipped pptx 24 MB

     8.7  Processing "Continuous" Data Streams Brudzinski

          Files:  Same as Section 8.6 above

     8.8  Tremor Related Processing and Analysis Brudzinski

          Files: (zip 88 kB)



     Student Presentations

          Group 1: A KML Converter for Excel files GoogleIt

             Files: (zip 23 MB)

          Group 2: The stress-free start to getting what you really need from the IRIS DMC The Fantanstic Four

             Files: (ppt 2.7 MB)

             Online tutorial

          Group 3: Getting USArray Data into AntelopeAwesome Three

              Tutorial Wiki and Presentation

          Group 4: 3D SAC Extra Terrestrials2

             Files: (zip 2.7 MB)

          Group 5 Dando, Lu, Bianchi, Gabler

          Group 6: Data Flow Technique, Benchmarking and Testing System DAFTBATS

             Beginner's tutorial Wiki with Data Exercise

          Group 7: Automated inspection of seismograms (Quality Control) Troublesolvers

             Files: (zip 800 kB)