This short course will be organized as a series of ~2 hour blocks. Each block will begin with a lecture by an instructor. The lecture will be followed by a hands-on exercise in which the students will be asked to apply concepts taught in the lecture. Twice per day the group will have a discussion session to allow follow-up questions and to address specific topics posed by the instructor(s) of the preceding session(s).

Students in the short course will be required to develop the design of a new application that would profit them in their research and/or the broader seismology community. Individuals or groups will present their design concept for discussion on the last day of the course. Each individual or team will be asked to attempt to implement their design during the Fall of 2011 and present results of their work as it develops to the team of instructors and the IRIS USArray Transportable Array Working Group.

Topics to be Covered in this Short Course


Steering Committee