Data from Community Wavefield Demonstration Experiment Now Available

IRIS is pleased to announce that the data collected during the Community Wavefields Demonstration Experiment are now fully archived and available at the IRIS Data Management Center. Continue Reading

New GSN Station Begins Operations in Tajikistan

The IRIS GSN recently installed a new Global Seismographic Network affiliate station in Simiganch, Tajikistan. The installation and its ongoing operation are part of a new agreement between IRIS and the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan. Continue Reading

IRIS Research Experiences for Undergraduates

IRIS summer interns complete their 19th year of conducting research under the guidance of IRIS Consortium members. Continue Reading


Dec 12 2016 International OBS Town Hall at AGU Moscone West, Room 2003
Dec 12 2016 IRIS Data Services Shortcourse at 2016 AGU Fall Meeting Zelos Hotel, MOMA Room
Dec 12 2016 2016 IRIS Membership Meeting Hotel Zelos, San Francisco, CA
Dec 13 2016 14th Annual IRIS Intern Alumni Reception at AGU Le Colonial - Upstairs Lounge


Seismic Monitor


Check out the IRIS library of more than 90 animations that demonstrate various earthquake and geoscience concepts. View animations 

Undergraduate Internships

NSF REU summer interns conduct geophysical research at IRIS institutions.
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Multiple Magma Reservoirs Beneath Mount St. Helens?

Multiple Magma Reservoirs Beneath Mount St. Helens?

Ground motion recordings from regional earthquakes and artificial sources at ~6000 individual seismograph locations have been utilized to image the volcanic plumbing system beneath Mt. St. Helens.
USArray Stories from the Field

USArray Stories from the Field

Read essays about the experiences of USArray field crews, student siters, and others
Seismology and Imaging Beneath Alaska: EarthScope’s Final Frontier

Seismology and Imaging Beneath Alaska: EarthScope’s Final Frontier

From late 2013 through 2018, the USArray Transportable Array will site, deploy, and operate seismograph stations throughout Alaska to image its deep geologic structure.