Earlier this spring, the Transportable Array team headed to the field to begin this year’s deployment in Alaska and Northwestern Canada. Continue Reading ->
The IRIS GSN recently installed a new Global Seismographic Network Station in Simiganch, Tajikistan. The installation and its ongoing operation are part of a new agreement between IRIS and the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan. Continue Reading ->
Seismologists and seismic network operators from 19 Asian countries recently participated in a week-long training course on the management of data from seismic networks. Continue Reading ->



future icon NSF is conducting a competition for operations and management of NSF-supported facilities to succeed the GAGE and SAGE Facilities. Click here for further information about this competition.

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From late 2013 through 2018, the USArray Transportable Array will site, deploy, and operate seismograph stations throughout Alaska to image its deep geologic structure. ...more
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