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The 2017 OBS Symposium will be held September 18-19 in Portland, Maine. Continue Reading

My Experience as an IRIS Alaska Transportable Array Intern

Follow IRIS intern Amin Abbasi through his adventures installing Transportable Array seismometers in Alaska! Continue Reading

The Alaska Transportable Array Team: Achieving Success in Challenging Environments

Alaska’s TA stations offer a rare opportunity to collect information from remote regions. ​(Photo credit: Maria Sanders) Continue Reading


Sep 18-
Sep 19 2017
Ocean Bottom Seismology Symposium 2017 Holiday Inn Portland-By The Bay, Portland, ME,
Aug 20 2017 Managing Data from Seismic Networks Pretoria, South Africia
Sep 26 2017 EPO Standing Committee Washington, DC
Oct 08 2017 2017 SSA Eastern Section Meeting Norman, OK
Oct 21 2017 IRIS/SSA Distinguished Lecture Series Southwestern Oregon Community College, Coos Bay, OR
Nov 14 2017 2017 IRIS Fall BoD Meeting St. Louis, MO


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NEW ANIMATION! Volcanic evolution of the Pacific Northwest: A 55 million year history

This animation integrates the unique and rich eruptive volcanic history of the Pacific Northwest in relation to the complicated tectonic regime revealed by seismology and geodetics in recent decades. We weave together geologic maps, time scales, and cross sections to help simplify and clarify elusive hidden structures and processes below Earth’s surface.


Intensidad de Terremoto: ¿Que controla la sacudida que sientes?

La intensidad sísmica, que es el temblor que experimentas, puede ser leve o severo, corto o largo, brusco o de bandeo. A diferencia de la magnitud de un terremoto, que es una medida de la energía liberada y es la misma para todos los lugares, la intensidad sísmica que percibes depende de dónde te encuentras.



Detecting wind using seismometers

Detecting wind using seismometers

This research team is using seismometers to detect winds (both sustained winds and gusts) across a range of geographical settings.
Increased seismic instrumentation provides insight into the Rio Grande Rift

Increased seismic instrumentation provides insight into the Rio Grande Rift

New seismic stations help answer questions about the extent, deformation pattern and seismic activity of the Rio Grande Rift.
Earthquakes and volcanoes of the Galápagos Islands

Earthquakes and volcanoes of the Galápagos Islands

A temporary network of seismometers gives insight into earthquake activity and volcanic structure beneath the Galápagos Islands volcanoes.