Data Services Products: Under Development

Below is a list of products currently under development and produced either at the DMC or by the research community that are available from the DMC.

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Noise Toolkit PDF-PSD Noise Toolkit PDF/PSD bundle

An open-source script bundle that contains a series of Python scripts to:

  • request waveforms and response data for given station/channels using the ObsPy FDSN client
    OR read user’s waveform data files (in SAC, MSEED, CSS, etc. format) and only request response information
  • compute and populate an hourly file-based PSD database
  • extract PSDs and PDFs from the PSD database
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Noise Toolkit The IRIS DMC Noise Toolkit

The IRIS DMC Noise Toolkit is a collection of 3 open-source Python script bundles that could be used to:

  1. Compute Power Spectral Densities (PSD) of waveform data
  2. Perform microseism energy computations from PSDs
  3. Perform frequency dependent polarization analysis of seismograms

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Files of the global stacks and vespagrams for users wanting to analyze them or generate plots.

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GlobalGreensTensors Global Empirical Green's Tensor database

[[[ MOCK UP. to be edited by URI & IRIS staff ]]]]

Global Empirical Green’s Tensor database from 3-component cross-correlations at four different scales:

  • global: using GSN, GEOFONE & other global stations w 100s-1000s km spacing with sensitivity to large-scale and deep structure
  • continental: North America (USArray) and eastern Eurasia (various regional networks) are highlighted at periods ~6-400s
  • regional scale: virtual regional networks, e.g. southern California, with station spacing of few – 10s of km focusing on crustal and upper mantle structure
  • local scale: using short-period waves from dense networks with station spacing of 100s to 10s of km focuses on upper and mid-crustal structure

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Aftershocks Product Charter

Animations and figures of seismicity automatically generated following large global earthquakes (Mag > 7).


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