Seismic Instrumentation Technology Symposium
Sheraton Albuquerque Airport Hotel, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Organized by the IRIS Instrumentation Committee



The theme of this symposium is to examine future technology, both from the perspective of capabilities scientists and engineers are seeking and the technologies that are, or will be, in the product pipeline of the seismic technology industry. The symposium will provide a forum for perspectives from both technology users and vendors and allow generous time for discussion and interaction.

Posters on any seismic technology-related topic are welcome, and all poster presenters will be given an opportunity to provide a short verbal overview of their poster.


Timing and Location

The symposium will take place in Albuquerque, NM on Monday and Tuesday, June 10-11th. Registration is free and will remain open until May 24th.



The workshop will take place at the Sheraton Albuquerque Airport Hotel, which is a direct 5 minute walk from the terminal. Hotel reservations can be made hereThe extended deadline for reserving a room at the group rate is May 24th. Transportation to restaurants throughout the area can be organized through the hotel for Sunday and Monday nights. 



IRIS will provide most meals on Monday and Tuesday. There are funds available to some attendees to support travel and lodging. Please contact Andy Frassetto by May 10th if you anticipate needing to utilize this financial assistance.

Monday, June 10, 2013

7:00 Breakfast - Rojo Grill (reserved area with a buffet)

8:00 Welcome - Gran Quivera

8:15 New Applications of Seismic Technology Part 1 (three 25 min talks + 15 mins questions)

9:45 Break

10:15 Sensors and Emplacement Methods (four 15 min talks + 15 mins questions) - Gran Quivera

11:30 Communications (three 15 min talks + 15 mins questions)

12:30 Lunch - Rojo Grill (reserved area with a buffet)

1:30 Industry Technology Roadmaps (two 15 min talks + 10 mins questions) - Gran Quivera

2:10 Break

2:40 Innovative Applications and Opportunities (four 15 min talks + 20 mins questions) - Gran Quivera

4:00 Pop-Ups and Posters - Poster Introductions (<5 min. each, poster boards are 6 ft. x 4 ft.) - Valle Grande I

6:00 Poster session continues w/cash bar & hors d’oeuvres

7:00 Dinner (on your own)


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

7:00 Breakfast - Bandelier (Please note the different location from Monday)

8:00 New Applications of Seismic Technology Part 2 (two 25 min talks + 10 mins questions) - Gran Quivera

9:00 Instrument Testing (two 15 min talks + 15 mins questions)

9:45 Break

10:00 Tales from the Trenches (five 15 min talks + 15 mins questions) - Gran Quivera

11:30 Discussion

12:00 Adjourn - Box lunches available outside Gran Quivera

Wednesday, May 4th, 2022, 4:30–6:00pm

4:30 pm
6:00 pm



  • Minutes and Action Items Summary from April Board Meeting
  • Post-Governance Workshop Update
  • Nominating Committee 
  • IRIS EarthScope Board Appointees
  • Competition Around Next Proposal; Confidentiality Agreements
  • Unrestricted Funds Portfolio May 10 Joint Board Meeting Topics
  • Nominating Committee
  • Governance Workshop and Governance Structure
  • Key Takeaways from Board Outreach Effort
    • Communicating Back to Community
    • Issues / Actions for consideration by Joint Boards?


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Last Name First Name Institution
Abbott Robert Sandia National Lab
Aderhold Kasey Boston University
Allen Richard University of California-Berkeley
Anandakrishnan Sridhar Penn State
Anderson Kent IRIS
Araki Eiichiro JAMSTEC
Azevedo Steve IRIS-PASSCAL
Baker Eli Air Force Research Lab
Ball Justin University of Colorado
Barklage Mitchell Nodal Seismic
Bastien Patrick IRIS-PASSCAL
Beaudoin Bruce IRIS-PASSCAL
Belding Dana Sandia National Lab
Bilek Susan New Mexico Tech
Bloomquist Doug IRIS-PASSCAL
Bonal David National Instruments
Bonal Nedra Sandia National Lab
Brown Larry Cornell University
Busby Robert IRIS
Carothers Lloyd IRIS-PASSCAL
Carpenter Paul IRIS-PASSCAL
Clayton Robert Caltech
Collins John Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Dale Steve Combined Resource Group
Denning Jason University of New Mexico
E. Anderson Katherine IRIS-PASSCAL
Evers Brent IRIS
Farr Norman Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Frassetto Andy IRIS
Gallegos Andrea New Mexico State
Gee Lind USGS
Gramann Mark Sandia National Lab
Gridley James IRIS-PASSCAL
Hampshire John HHSeismic
Harder Steven University of Texas-El Paso
Hart Darren Sandia National Lab
Hayward Chris Southern Methodist
Hearn Tom New Mexico State
Heid Frank SFC Energy
Hellweg Peggy Berkeley Seismological Lab
Henderson Brent UNAVCO
Hirshorn Barry NOAA
Hoar Gareth Xeos Techologies
Hodgkinson Kathleen UNAVCO
Hole John Virginia Tech
Hollis Dan Nodal Seismic
Huang Dino MicroSeismic
Hutt Charles USGS
Inglis Derek Xeos Techologies
Jae Yoo Hyun Korea Polar Research Institute
Jen Lin Chin- Academia Sinica
Johnson Michael IRIS-PASSCAL
Johnson Wade UNAVCO
Khan Shah University of Montana
Kittner Stacey Sandia National Lab
Knox Hunter Sandia National Lab
Kromer Richard RPKromer Professional/Technical Services
Makarewicz Eric IRIS-PASSCAL
Manion Steve Kinemetrics
Marcillo Omar Los Alamos National Lab
Marrero Carlos IRIS-PASSCAL
Melgar Diego University of California-San Diego
Merchant Bion Sandia National Lab
MeVay Alex Genasun
Milligan Don Hewlett-Packard
Montelli Raffaella National Science Foundation
Moores Andrew Nanometrics
Neely James Air Force Research Lab
Nelson David OSOP
Nigbor Robert UCLA
Nordgren Brett OSOP
O'Donnell Jim BC-Geophysics
O'Rourke William Sandia National Lab
Oncescu Lani Geotech Instruments
Park Yongcheol Korea Polar Research Institute
Passmore Paul Ref Tek
Pfeifer Cathy IRIS-PASSCAL
Pujols Rafael Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo
R. Evans John USGS
Rademacher Horst Guralp
Raistrick Robert Air Force Research Lab
Ranasinghe Nishath New Mexico State
Randall George Los Alamos National Lab
Raymond Philip USGS
Ringler Adam USGS
Rodriguez Angel OSOP
Ross Zachary University Southern California
Rutledge Jim Schlumberger
Sampson Daniel University of California-Santa Cruz
Saripalli Srikanth Arizona State
Schmandt Brandon University of New Mexico
Schult Rick Air Force Research Lab
Simpson David IRIS
Skaggs Jason Sandia National Lab
Smith Dennis Applied Technology Associates
Song WenZhan Georgia State
Steim Joseph Quanterra
Taylor Steven Rocky Mountain Geophysics
Templeton Mary IRIS
Trehu Anne Oregon State
Ulbricht Pete IRIS-PASSCAL
VanZandt Tom Metrozet
Vernon Frank University of California-San Diego
Walter Jacob Georgia Tech
Wang Hua Georgia Tech
West John Arizona State
Wilson David USGS
Woodward Bob IRIS
Xie Jiakang Air Force Research Lab
Zimakov Leonid Ref Tek

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Important Dates
  • Registration:
    May 13th – 19th
  • Workshop Location