Headquarters Staff

Kasey Aderhold

Kasey Aderhold - IRIS Headquarters

Project Associate

Phone: (202) 407-7019
Email: kasey@iris.edu

Josephine Aka

Josephine Aka - IRIS Headquarters

A/P Manager

Phone: (202) 407-7009
Email: josephine@iris.edu

Robert Austin

Robert Austin - IRIS Headquarters

Business Analyst/Purchasing

Phone: (202) 407-7010
Email: austin@iris.edu

Wendy Bohon

Wendy Bohon - IRIS Headquarters

Informal Education Specialist

Phone: (202) 407-7018
Email: wendy.bohon@iris.edu

Robert Detrick

Robert Detrick - IRIS Headquarters


Phone: (202) 407-7000
Email: detrick@iris.edu

Mladen Dordevic

Mladen Dordevic - IRIS Headquarters

Web Developer

Phone: (202) 803-5072
Email: mladen@iris.edu

Perle Dorr

Perle Dorr - IRIS Headquarters

Public Outreach Manager

Phone: (202) 407-7004
Email: dorr@iris.edu

David Fillebrown

David Fillebrown - IRIS Headquarters

Accounting Manager

Phone: (202) 407-7012
Email: davidf@iris.edu

Andrew Frassetto

Andrew Frassetto - IRIS Headquarters

Senior Project Associate

Phone: (202) 407-7013
Email: andyf@iris.edu

Dee  Mann Wilkinson

Dee Mann Wilkinson - IRIS Headquarters

Staff Accountant (A/R)

Phone: (202) 803-5073
Email: dee.mann@iris.edu

Jeph Mathurin

Jeph Mathurin - IRIS Headquarters

Assistant Controller

Phone: 202-873-2106
Email: jeph.mathurin@iris.edu

Robin Morris

Robin Morris - IRIS Headquarters

Project Cost Controller

Phone: (202) 407-7014
Email: robin@iris.edu

Trisha Pinckney

Trisha Pinckney - IRIS Headquarters

Grants & Contracts Administrator

Phone: (202) 803-5074
Email: trisha.pinckney@iris.edu

Krystin Poitra

Krystin Poitra - IRIS Headquarters

Meeting Planner

Phone: (202) 407-7008
Email: krystin@iris.edu

Rhonda Porter

Rhonda Porter - IRIS Headquarters

Executive Assistant

Phone: (202) 407-7007
Email: rporter@iris.edu

Candy Shin

Candy Shin - IRIS Headquarters

Chief Financial Officer

Phone: (202) 407-7006
Email: candy@iris.edu

David Simpson

David Simpson - IRIS Headquarters

President Emeritus

Phone: 202-682-2220 ext. 1011
Email: simpson@iris.edu

Danielle Sumy

Danielle Sumy - IRIS Headquarters

Project Associate

Phone: (202) 407-7015
Email: sumy@iris.edu

Marlo Swanson

Marlo Swanson - IRIS Headquarters

Business Operations/HR Manager

Phone: 202-407-7011
Email: marlo.swanson@iris.edu

John Taber

John Taber - IRIS Headquarters

Director of Education and Public Outreach

Phone: (202) 407-7002
Email: taber@iris.edu

Trayce Turner

Trayce Turner - IRIS Headquarters

HR Generalist/Administrative Assistant

Phone: (202) 407-7016
Email: trayce@iris.edu

Robert Woodward

Robert Woodward - IRIS Headquarters

Director of Instrumentation Services, Acting OBSIP Project Manager

Phone: (202) 407-7001
Email: woodward@iris.edu