Network of the Americas: The Current and Future State of the Network

Date/Time & Location

Wednesday, October 9 from 11-12 PM in Parlors A/B Room


Karl Feaux, UNAVCO
David Mencin, UNAVCO
Kathleen Hodgkinson, UNAVCO
Ken Austin, UNAVCO
Chris Walls, UNAVCO
Tim Dittmann, UNAVCO


UNAVCO has managed the design, construction, and initial operations of three distinct National Science Foundation-funded geophysical observatories across the Americas, including the EarthScope Plate Boundary Observatory (PBO), COCONet (Continuously Operating Caribbean GPS Observational Network) and TLALOCNet (Trans-boundary, Land and Atmosphere Long-term Observational and Collaborative Network. These networks have now been federated into the Network of the Americas (NOTA), a network of geophysical instrumentation that includes 1278 GNSS instruments, 87 borehole strainmeters, and 83 borehole seismometers. The NOTA provides free, high-quality, low-latency, open-format data, validated metadata, and data products for researchers, educators, students, and the private sector. This session will explore the current state of the network, focusing on real-time applications, upgrades to full-GNSS capability, and the decommissioning of a small subset of stations. This will also be an opportunity for the community to discuss any future needs related to the network.