Geodetic data and products sharing: enable the future with web services?

Date/Time & Location

Thursday, October 10th from 10:30-12 PM in the Broadway Room 1/2


Elisabetta D'Anastasio, GNS Science
David Phillips, UNAVCO
Chad Trabant, IRIS
Mike Floyd, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


The explosion of geodetic data available to the scientific community, including Network of the Americas (NOTA) GNSS data and satellite imagery the GAGE Facility, continues to enable new discoveries and insights into the Earth System dynamics. In parallel, a new generation data handling technologies such as cloud computing and machine-to-machine applications are rapidly emerging in Earth Science and many other domains. Harvesting large volumes of data and derived products in an efficient way is thus crucial yet challenging due to limitations imposed by current metadata standards (or lack thereof). In addition to being incomplete and inconsistent, current metadata standards used by the scientific community to share geodetic data, metadata and derived products are becoming obsolete and insecure. Major geodetic data centers such as UNAVCO, Geoscience Australia and EPOS-GNSS have started to implement and promote web services and coordinate efforts towards federated standards.  

In this Technical Topic Session we would like to:

  • gather requirements and use cases from the scientific community;
  • discuss how FAIR principles (Findable-Accessible-Interoperable-Reusable) best apply to geodetic data products;
  • Promote the development, implementation and use of modern community standards for geodetic data products;
  • learn from the seismology community, particularly with respect to experiences and lessons learned while developing and using FDSN web services; what do they recommend, what should be avoided?

The first combined SAGE-GAGE workshop is a unique opportunity to bring the two communities together and discuss the future of geodetic data science in order to maximize the exchange and interoperability of geodetic data to promote current and future operations and research.