The Big Data Exchange: How?

Date/Time & Location

Thursday, October 10th from 5:30-6:30 PM in the Broadway Room 3/4


Nate Lindsey, UC-Berkeley
Chad Trabant, IRIS
Chris Crosby, UNAVCO


A growing number of geophysical data sources are beginning to generate terabytes of data per experiment (e.g., seismic nodes, fiber-optic distributed acoustic sensing, InSAR, HD video, hydroacoustic sensors).  Critical, community-level bottlenecks already faced by some research groups are the management, sharing and archiving of these very large data sets. This SIG will focus on 1) identifying and sharing current strategies used by the UNAVCO and IRIS research communities and 2) identifying strategies used or being adopted in non-geoscience communities (i.e. astronomy, biology) to address big data exchange.  We invite large volume data wranglers to describe their current and future approaches to these challenges.