IRIS Portable Pool Modernization

Date/Time & Location

Wednesday, June 13, 2018 from 5-6pm in the Picuris Room (ABQ Convention Center, Lower Level)


Kent Anderson, IRIS
Bob Woodward, IRIS


With the evolving needs of the seismological community for portable instrumentation, IRIS has put forward a strategic vision to evolve and modernize the instrumentation of the portable pool as a part of the NGEO proposal.  We will present the strategies proposed in the NGEO submission, including the growth of new capabilities and operations and maintenance plans for the entire pool.  New capabilities include the expansion of nodal systems, growth of mid-period capable, smaller, lighter systems (expanding beyond observatory class BB instruments), MT systems, Polar specific equipment, rapid response instrumentation as well as the continued maintenance of the existing portable systems (broadbands, short period, high frequency, multi-channel systems, etc).