Connecting with Different Audiences: From the Podium to the Pub

Date/Time & Location

Wed., June 13, 2018 | 5-6 PM

Acoma Room (ABQ Convention Center, Lower Level)


Beth Bartel, UNAVCO
Maite Agopian, EarthScope
Wendy Bohon, IRIS


Come out from behind the podium and into the limelight to share your science with an audience outside your field and possibly even your comfort zone. With the rising popularity of public science talks like science cafes, Nerd Nites, Science on Tap, and Story Collider, not to mention Ignite and TED Talks, and even science comedy nights like Stand Up for Science and Peer Revue, now's the time to hone skills to expose non-seismologists to the wonder and importance of your research. Take advantage of this opportunity to get tips, tricks, and best practices from science communications experts from your friendly local facilities. We will explore techniques to engage different types of audiences, in a safe environment friendly even to introverts.


  1. Introductions
  2. Importance of body language, presentation styles
  3. Breakdown of popular informal presentation "flavors"
    1. Ex., Ignite, TED, Nerd Nite, Science Cafe, Science on Tap, Science Salon, Story Collider
  4. Storytelling exercise
    1. Story elements
    2. Pixar storytelling framework
    3. Find your story 


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