Community Input to the Working Group on Long-Term Seafloor Seismographs


Monica Kohler, GSN Standing Committee Member
Jeffrey Park, GSN Standing Committee Chair

Location and Time

Wednesday, June 13th from 2:30-3:30pm in the Zuni room


This SIG is for community members who are interested in contributing to discussions that will inform the deployment of long-term, high-quality broadband seismic stations on the seafloor to complement existing permanent land stations. Planned topics of discussion include: review of potential scientific targets, site occupation characteristics (duration, data retrieval latency, sensor types), and plans for international collaboration. The SIG will focus on the recent activities of the IRIS GSN Working Group on Long-Term Seafloor Seismographs, and solicit input on a draft statement for how to move forward with pilot station recommendations. The SIG will include brief summaries of community discussions at the 2017 OBS Symposium and Fall AGU meeting. Findings will be presented from responses to a related survey that was recently distributed to the global seismological community. A draft set of recommendations will be presented for input and comments from SIG participants.