Background Noise: Microseisms, Site, and Other Sources

Date/Time & Location

Wednesday, June 13, 2018 from 2:30-3:30pm in the Acoma Room (ABQ Convention Center, Lower Level)


Rob Anthony, USGS (ASL)
Keith Koper, University of Utah
Adam Ringler, USGS (ASL)
David Wilson, USGS (ASL)


Improving our understanding of the background seismic noise field could help to improve the resolution at which we are able to record transient signals (e.g. earthquakes and explosions).  Seismic noise and the physical generating mechanisms are also of interest in their own right and very broadband in nature (e.g. high-frequency anthropogenic noise to long-period Earth hum).  This SIG will explore the current state of our understanding in seismic background noise as well as look at some unresolved questions in seismic noise generation that could be addressed in the future.  We invite short contributions on research that make use of seismic noise or study the generation of persistent background signals.