Dr. Jean Paul Ampeuro


Earth's Cocktail Party: Deciphering the Physics of Earthquakes
                               With Networks of Seismic Arrays

The usage of dense arrays of sensors to detect and track moving sources of electromagnetic or acoustic waves is ubiquitous in industrial, military and biological systems. Although the usage of arrays in seismology has a long history too, only in the last decade it has emerged as a novel way to investigate in detail the rupture process of large earthquakes. In this presentation I will summarize key open questions that drive research on earthquake physics, and their potential impact on the sustainability of our society and its resilience to natural hazards. I will then describe the challenges in addressing those questions through conventional seismological observations, and explain the principles of array seismology for earthquake source imaging. With recent examples, including the largest strike-slip and deep-focus earthquakes, I will illustrate how dense array data is providing unique observations of earthquake rupture processes at a level of resolution without precedent, and how seismologists are integrating experiment design, data gathering, data analysis, theory and simulations to advance our understanding of how the Earth works. I will then present an outlook on how our efforts to decipher the physics of earthquakes and to improve the rapid assessment of earthquake hazards can benefit from future earthquake observation systems consisting of networks of seismic arrays, distributed over the globe or focused on active faults, or off-shore acoustic arrays in subduction zones.


               Dr. Jean Paul Ampeuro

     Assistant Professor of Seismology
      California Institute of Technology

      Pasadena, California










Professional Preparation

Université Paris VII Denis Diderot Physics B.S. 1997
U. Paris VII – Inst. de Physique du Globe de Paris Geophysics M.S. 1998
U. Paris VII – Inst. de Physique du Globe de Paris GeophysicsPh.D. 2002
Dissertation title: A physical and numerical study of earthquake nucleation
Advisor: Jean-Pierre Vilotte
Princeton University Post-doctoral Researcher 10/2002-10/2004
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Zurich Post-doctoral Researcher 11/2004-12/2006


05/2008-present Assistant Professor, California Institute of Technology
10/2007-03/2008 Visiting Research Fellow, Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo
01/2007-04/2008 Research Associate, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Zurich

Recent awards

- 2014 IRIS/SSA Distinguished Lectureship
- NSF Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) award. Project title: “Integrating earthquake physics and source imaging while engaging the Hispanic community” (2011)
- Invited speaker: AGU, SIAM, SCEC, Earthscope, IRIS, SSA


For manuscripts in review, see [url=http://www.gps.caltech.edu/~ampuero/publications.html]http://www.gps.caltech.edu/~ampuero/publications.html[/url]
Graduate students, visitors and postdoctoral researchers in my team are listed in bold italics.

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Synergistic activities

- Associate Editor for Journal of Geophysical Research.
- Co-leader of the Fault and Rupture Mechanics group of the Southern California Earthquake Center.
- Co-organizer of the first ERI/SCEC International Summer School on Earthquake Science, Japan, September 2013
- Co-organizer of the 2013 IRIS/EarthScope workshop on arrays in global seismology .
- Co-organizer of AGU 2012 session on Earthquake dynamics and fault zone structure.
- Co-ordinated the rapid mobilization of Caltech seismic equipment for the 2010 Maule, Chile post-earthquake deployment
- Development, support and training for open source software for the simulation of earthquake rupture, earthquake cycle and wave propagation: SEM2DPACK and QDYN.
- Co-developer of SPECFEM3D, a spectral element software for 3D wave propagation and earthquake rupture dynamics on non-planar fault systems and complex media
- Co-leader of the Earthquake Dynamics working group in the European Research and Training Network SPICE (Seismic wave Propagation and Imaging in Complex media, 2004-2008).
- Fostering earthquake hazards awareness and Earth science literacy in the Hispanic community and media.
- Reviewer for JGR, GRL, BSSA, PAGEOPH, GJI, Tectonophysics, Geophysics, EPS, EPSL, Wave Motion, Geology, PRL, NSF, IODP
- AGU outstanding reviewer award
- Review panelist for SCEC and USGS


Current graduate students:

Yihe Huang, Yingdi Luo, Asaf Inbal, Bryan Riel, Franklin Koch, Kangchen Bai, Xiaoling Mao (Caltech)
Percy Galvez (ETH Zurich)
Current postdoctoral researchers:
Jessica Hawthorne, Thomas Goebel
Former graduate students:
Lingsen Meng (Caltech 2012, Assistant Professor at UCLA, Knopoff Chair in Physics & Geophysics)
Surendra Somala (Caltech 2013)
Alice Gabriel (ETH Zurich 2012, now postdoc at LMU Munich)
Johannes Ripperger (ETH Zurich 2006, Research & Innovation manager at Accelopment AG, Zurich)
Former postdoctoral researchers:
Zacharie Duputel (faculty at IPG Strasbourg, France)
Olivier Lengline (faculty at IPG Strasbourg, France)
Gregor Hillers (DFG Heisenberg Fellow at ISTerre, Grenoble, France)
Javier Ruiz (faculty at Universidad de Chile)
Jean Elkhoury (researcher at Schlumberger)
Justin Brown (NSF Postdoctoral Fellow)