RFP Questions/Answers

Q: Can a PI submit more than one proposal?
A: Yes.

Q: Will members of the evaluation panel be required to recuse themselves for any reason (e.g., co-author on a paper with the PI; PI is from their place of work etc.)? If so, can you provide a ‘reasons for recusal' list please?
A: Members of the evaluation panel will sign a conflict of interest form, which specifies potential conflicts of interest. Reviewers are asked to disclose any potential conflict of interest in writing prior to the start of the evaluation process. IRIS and the panel will determine an appropriate course of action for any conflicts of interest that are deemed to exist. It is not possible at this time to compile a list of potential conflicts.

Q: Assuming the number of members of the evaluation panel is relatively small, is it possible for recused panel members to be included in the discussions but not allowed to vote?
A: If a conflict of interest results in a reviewer not being able to vote on a given proposal the reviewer will not be allowed to discuss the proposal with the panel.


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