Questions for independent student exploration

If you aren’t in person to discuss the earthquake with your students, we put together a few questions that you might send out to encourage them to explore this event on their own.  Please share your adaptations and improvements (to:

Use the IRIS Recent Earthquake Teachable Moments (RETM) and other internet sources to explore this earthquake and answer the following questions.

Before Your Exploration:
What is an earthquake?
Describe what you know about this area.  What do you think it is like?

During Your Exploration:
Summarize what happened?
What “impact”, if any, did this event have? Why?
Was this event surprising? Use evidence to support your answer.
What are aftershocks and should residents of this region be concerned about them?

After Your Exploration:
What are two things you learned from your exploration? Provide specific examples.
What questions do you have about this event or earthquakes?
What sources of information did you use besides the IRIS RETM? List them explicitly.