Resources for Node Owners & Users


IRIS maintains a pool of FairfieldNodal Zland and SmartSolo IGU nodes (both 3-component, 5Hz) at the PASSCAL Instrument Center that are available for community use.  For detailed information about specific node models, please visit the PASSCAL node instrumentation page linked below.   As other vendor “nodes” are evaluated, we will post specifications in additional links.

Relevant Links:
PASSCAL Node Instrumentation webpage

IRIS-supported Nodal Experiments

Beginning with the IRIS-led Wavefield Community Demonstration Experiment IRIS has supported a variety of experiments that have deployed nodes.

For an up-to-date list of experiments that have used IRIS/PASSCAL nodes, please visit this link.

Please note that this list includes both completed and scheduled (funded) experiments that have included nodes as part or all of their instrumentation requests.  This list does not indicate any community owned nodes that may have been contributed.

IRIS' current node use policy can be found over on the PASSCAL website at this link.

Community Node Owners

In addition to the IRIS/PASSCAL pool of nodes, several community members have purchased their own sets of nodes.  Below is a partial list of node owners who have consented to have their names and contact info listed on this page.

Organization Type Number Contact
IRIS/PASSCAL Fairfield Nodal
Zland 3C 5Hz
621* general,
399* polar
*As of Dec 2021
IGU-16HR 3C 5Hz
1,990* general
*As of Dec 2021
University of Utah Fairfield Nodal
Zland 3C 5Hz
200 nodes Jamie Farrell
University of Oklahoma Fairfield Nodal
Zland 3C 5Hz
128 nodes Xiaowei Chen
National Central University (Taiwan) Fairfield Nodal
Zland 3C 5Hz
90 nodes Hao Kuo-Chen
University of Texas at El Paso Fairfield Nodal
Zland 3C 5Hz
55 nodes Marianne Karplus
University of Texas at El Paso Fairfield Nodal
Zland 3C 5Hz
50 nodes Julien Chaput
Louisiana State University Fairfield Nodal
Zland 3C 5Hz
50 nodes Patricia Persaud
University of Arizona Fairfield Nodal
Zland 3C 5Hz
96 nodes Eric Kiser
University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa Fairfield Nodal
Zland 1C 5Hz
Zland 3C 5Hz

29 nodes
25 nodes
Niels Grobbe


Node-Related Posters

IRIS has started collecting posters resulting from nodal experiments which you can find here.

Node-Related Publications

An incomplete list of publications that analyze data collected with nodes.  If you know of a publication not on this list, please email

Behm, M., Cheng, F., Patterson, A., & Soreghan, G. S. (2019). Passive processing of active nodal seismic data: estimation of VP∕VS ratios to characterize structure and hydrology of an alpine valley infill. Solid Earth, 10(4), 1337–1354,

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