Community Near-Fault Observatory


Geophysical data collected within rupture zones of significant earthquakes are essential for testing and developing further models of earthquake processes. Focusing on in-situ observations in the immediate vicinity of fault zones where rocks suffer permanent deformation during faulting events could transform the understanding of earthquake physics, improve ground motion prediction estimates, and contribute to structural engineering efforts to mitigate earthquake impacts. This initiative has been called Rupture and Fault Zone Observatory (RuFZO) and Near-Fault Observatory (NFO) semi-interchangeably as community engagement proceeds.

For background on the community near-fault observatory concept, please read this article, watch this presentation (<15 minutes), or review these slides (.pdf).

Research geologists Belle Philibosian, Gordon Seitz, and Stephan Bork document fault offsets from the 2019 M 7.1 Ridgecrest earthquake. (Photo credit: Katherine Kendrick, USGS)

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We are gathering community input through a variety of methods including workshops, breakout sessions, and other opportunities for participation. Please consider joining us at one or more of the following events to provide your input and get involved. You can also reach out via this form.

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Comments are welcome, and we encourage you to get in touch with the steering committee members with any suggestions, questions, or concerns. You can also reach out via this form.

Steering Committee

Ahmed Elbanna University of Illinois Committee Member
Ashley Griffith The Ohio State University Committee Member
Christopher Johnson LANL Committee Member
Daniel Trugman University of Nevada, Reno Committee Member
Frank Vernon University of California San Diego Committee Member
Gail Atkinson University of Western Ontario Committee Member
Jamie Steidl University of California Santa Barbara Committee Member
Jean-Philippe Avouac Caltech Committee Member
Pieter-Ewald Share Oregon State University Committee Member
Ramon Arrowsmith Arizona State University Committee Member
Roger Bilham University of Colorado, Boulder Committee Member
Bob Woodward EarthScope Facilitator
Bob Busby EarthScope Facilitator
Kasey Aderhold EarthScope Facilitator
Glen Mattioli EarthScope Facilitator
Yehuda Ben-Zion SCEC Facilitator
Tran Huynh SCEC Facilitator