AS-1 Classroom Seismometer: Troubleshooting

2min 42s Novice

Did I set up my AS-1 seismometer wrong?

This short tutorial covers common set-up errors for the AS-1 seismograph station.

This is what you watch AFTER setting up your seismometer according to instructions in the manual or in the group of AS-1 videos on how to set up, calibrate, and use the AS-1 seismometer.


  1. Check the knife edge, it needs to be razor sharp
  2. Clamp the bar if you move the station.
  3. Level the base plate in both directions
  4. Center the coil in the magnet
  5. Level the boom arm
  6. For oil damping, follow directions
  7. For magnetic damping, follow directions
  8. Put cover over instrument to prevent movement from air curents