Remote Online Sessions for Emerging Seismologists (ROSES) 2022


This summer we are running an active review of select topics! Additionally, feel free to take advantage of the resources from the last two offerings, including video lectures and guided python notebooks at (2021) and (2020). These lessons are targeted towards advanced Ph.D. students, who have used Python before and are familiar navigating in Linux/Unix.

ROSES 2022 will run for 8 weeks, starting on June 27. We will explore one topic every two weeks. Our Slack workspace will be reopened so that in each two week period, questions about the material covered in the corresponding lecture and exercises can be discussed with instructors.  Additionally, the team will host an optional office hour for live questions and discussion about the material in each second week. During July 25-July 29, ROSES will host a bonus conference poster design workshop, with a webinar on July 25, including a week for questions and discussion on Slack.

Selected Topics:



Data and Metadata (Lecture
(GitHub Repository)

Originally presented by Emily Wolin; 2022 TA:  Jiaqi Li; Office Hours 7/6 & 7/8 15:00 UTC.  



Waveform Cross Correlation
(Lecture and Resources)

Originally presented by Elizabeth Berg; 2022 TA:  Alec Yates; Office Hour 7/20 15:00 UTC. 



Conference Poster Design 

Presented by Madelyn Sita; Webinar 7/25 15:00 UTC 

7/25-8/5 4

Digital Signal Processing (Lecture)
(GitHub Repository)

Originally presented by Aaron Velasco & David Guenaga; 2022 TA:  Jiaqi Li; Office Hour 8/3 15:00 UTC 



(Lecture and Resources)

Originally presented by Sydney Dybing; 2022 TA: Alec Yates; Office Hour 8/17 15:00 UTC 


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