2018 Field Experience Program (FieldXP) with UTEP

Welcome to the FieldXP Program! Open undergraduate students at US based institutions only!

The FieldXP program is designed to increase awareness of and encourage participation in short-duration field experiences for undergraduate students who may have an interest in geoscience but have never taken a course or participated in fieldwork. In addition, the program is designed to support the IRIS community’s needs to attract and vet applications for field crews to support their research. The ultimate goal of FieldXP is to expand the geoscience workforce, by enabling participants to transition either into full seismology/geophysics internships, or directly into seismology/geophysics graduate programs. 

Application for the 2018 FieldXP Program (.doc file)

2018 Field Experience Program (FieldXP) with UTEP

Important!! We strongly recommend that you download the 2018 Application as a .doc file (on the 'About' page), and COMPLETE IT OFFLINE. Then simply cut and paste your responses into the fields below.

Section 1: Basic Information

Temporary Address (if Permanent and Temporary Address are the same, complete Permanent only.)

Permanent Address:

Please specify the dates available for the field experience. Note that at least one month of dates must be specified. Although we will try to accommodate the dates, there are no guarantees that a field experience will be available during those times.