ids Committee positions from year 2018

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Last NameNameInstitutionComm.RollSinceUntil
Frassetto Andy IRIS IDS Proj. Leader 2015 Present
Meltzer Anne Lehigh University IDS Chair 2017 2019
Hayes Gavin US Geological Survey, Denver IDS USGS Liaison 2018 Present
Fischer Karen Brown University IDS Board Liaison 2017 2018
Liberty Lee Boise State University IDS Member 2015 2018
Long Maureen Yale University IDS Member 2017 2019
Thorne Michael The University of Utah IDS Joint 2017 2019
Russo Ray University of Florida IDS Member 2012 2018
Holtkamp Stephen University of Alaska, Fairbanks IDS Joint 2018 2019
Melgar Diego University of Oregon IDS Member 2018 2020
Pérez Campos Xyoli Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México IDS Member 2018 2020