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Last NameNameInstitutionComm.RollSinceUntil
Thomas Amanda University of Oregon DS Member 2017 2019
Stump Brian Southern Methodist University DS Chair 2017 2019
Beaudoin Bruce Passcal-NMT DS Observer 2006 Present
Lin Fan-Chi The University of Utah DS Member 2018 2020
Lin Guoqing University of Miami DS Member 2016 2018
Rubinstein Justin US Geological Survey, Menlo Park DS Member 2017 2020
Pyle Moira Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory DS Observer 2017 Present
Davis Peter University of California, San Diego DS Observer 1993 Present
Holtkamp Stephen University of Alaska, Fairbanks DS Member 2017 2019
Ahern Timothy IRIS DS Director 1988 Present
Storm Tyler US Geological Survey, ASL DS Observer 2015 Present
Levin Vadim Rutgers University DS Member 2016 2018
Schulte-Pelkum Vera University of Colorado, Boulder DS Board Liaison 2018 2020
Tsai Victor California Institute of Technology DS Member 2016 2018
Lafemina Pete Penn State University DS Member 2018 2020