Realtime Seismic Images

Different colored markers represent different regional networks.
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AP11 - Sao Paulo, Brazil
BSU4 - Boise, ID
BTOH - Hamilton, OH
CAOK - Oklahoma City, OK
CCID - Eagle, ID
EIWX - Wexford, Ireland
EMIL - Erie, IL
EPTX - Eagle Pass, TX
GEOS - Weiningen (ZH), Switzerland
GMCA - Palo Alto, CA
GNGA - Covington, GA
GPMA - Carlisle, MA
HMPA - Holland, PA
HUTCH - Mountain City, NV
JHID - Jerome, ID
JKMA - Natick, MA
JMNY - Rochester, NY
KCMA - Camarillo, CA
KDCO - Englewood, CO
LCID - Eagle, ID
MHGE - Mülheim, Germany
MLNH - Merrimack, NH
NTMA - Westford, MA
PCAZ - Paradise Valley, AZ
SBCA - Apple Valley, CA
SPMA - Hingham, MA
STMA - West Roxbury, MA
TBHS - boise, ID
TCCT - Hartford, CT
WCIL - Sugar Grove, IL
WFMA - Wellfleet, MA