How is stress stored between tectonic plates?


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Elastic Rebound on a Strike-slip Fault

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Elastic Rebound

Animation shows the buildup of stress along the margin of two stuck plates that are trying to slide past one another. The rock is deformed as it builds up strain in the plates; stress increases along the contact.

Quicktime (580 kB)

Animation of above adds trees to emphasize motion after the fault slip. At this scale, all the trees would shake, but here we only show shaking of the trees that were on the deforming parts of the plates immediately adjacent to the fault.

Quicktime (1.5 MB)

Real Trees Shake in Quake

Actual video footage of a grove of oak trees taken by a USGS camera on Sep. 28, 2004. The camera, stationed along the San Andreas Fault, is part of a monitoring effort to increase our understanding of earthquake behavior. This camera records a snapshot image every 5 minutes until ground motion triggers the video camera to record continuously. About 6 seconds into the clip the M6.0 Parkfield earthquake shakes the ground.

Quicktime (784 kB)

Video Lectures about Elastic Rebound

Elastic Rebound Demonstration

Video lectures of Dr. Robert Butler, University of Portland speaking to middle-school teachers about elastic rebound and brittle material.

Quicktime (2.6 MB)

Elastic Rebound Talk

Video lecture by Ross Stein of the USGS exerpt from the video, Shock Waves: 100 Years After the 1906 Earthquake directed and produced by Steve Wessels of the US Geological Survey.

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