The Advanced Studies Institute will be held at the Renaissance Santo Domingo Jaragua Hotel. The hotel’s location within Santo Domingo and the amenities of the hotel are described on its web site, http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/sdqgw-renaissance-santo-domingo-jaragua-hotel-and-casino/

In most cases, participants will have to pay their own travel costs, including airfare to Santo Domingo, transfers between the airport and the hotel, and meals while en route. Las Américas International Airport is served international airlines, with direct flights to major cities in the region and the U.S. The airport is approximately 25 miles from the hotel; one-way taxi fare is approximately US$25.

Shared lodging (two participants per room) at the Jaragua Hotel will be pre-paid for participants who apply, are accepted, and register before the deadline. The organizers cannot pay for single-occupancy lodging or for lodging at another hotel. Each participant is expected to arrive at the hotel on Sunday 14 July and to depart the hotel on Friday 26 July. The organizers cannot pay for additional nights of lodging.

Meals will be provided during the Advanced Studies Institute. Breakfast in the hotel dining room is included with the cost of the lodging room. Participants will have access to the hotel’s buffet lunch each day, except that other arrangements may be made on days in the field for data acquisition. Group dinners at nearby restaurants will be paid for by the organizers each evening. The organizers cannot pay for alcoholic beverages or for meals taken separately from the group.