Monday 15 July

Introduction to the Advanced Studies Institute,
Ray Willemann (IRIS Consortium)

Overview of Regional Tectonics and Seismicity,
Jay Pulliam (Baylor Univ.)

Seismic Hazards of Hispaniola,
Eugenio Polanco (Univ. Autonoma de Santo Domingo)

Overview of Seismic Source Modeling,
Victor Huérfano (PRSN, Puerto Rico Seismic Network)

Integrating Site Characterization Data into Microzonation Maps,
Michael Schmitz (FUNVISIS)

Tuesday 16 July

Introduction to Seismic Surface Waves: Their Generation and Propagation,
Michael Pasyanos (Lawrence Livermore National Lab.)

Horizontal to Vertical Spectral Ratio (HVSR),
Carlos Huerta López (Univ. Puerto Rico, Mayaguez)

Wednesday 17 July

Spatially Averaged Coherency (SPAC),
Morgan Moschetti (U.S. Geological Survey)

Multi-channel Spectral Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW),
John Louie (Univ. Nevada, Reno)

Refraction Microtremor Measurements (ReMi),
John Louie (Univ. Nevada, Reno)

Thursday–Sunday 18–21 July

Data Acquisition: MASW & ReMi, SPAC & HVSR,
All participants, led by members of the organizing committee

Monday–Wednesday 22–24 July
Software Introductions and Tutorials
Data Processing and Interpretation

Thursday 25 July
Participant Research Symposium and Future Research Roundtable