Software for HVSR and SPAC Analysis

For the HVSR and SPAC methods, data analysis will be done with selected packages from the GEOPSY project, which is described at  This software is freely available and can be used by anybody at any time.

Software for MASW and ReMi Analysis

For the MASW and ReMi methods, data analysis will be done with the SeisOpt ReMi software package from Optim™ Software and Data Solutions, which is described at  The underlying algorithms can be used freely by anybody, but SeisOpt ReMi is a proprietary commercial implementation. Participants will be licensed to use SeisOpt ReMi on their own computer during the Institute, and each participant’s home institution will receive a license for ongoing, unsupported use of SeisOpt ReMi on one computer.


Each participant will be expected to use their own computer run data processing programs, which will be made available on site. SeisOpt ReMi is available only for the Microsoft Windows operating system and, to facilitate collaboration among the participants, all participants are expected to use the Windows version the GEOPSY packages during the Advanced Studies Institute. Thus, each participant must bring a lap top computer that operates Windows or that can run a Windows virtual machine. The computer hardware should include

• at least 4 gigabytes of memory,
• a fast 64 bit processor (such as the Intel i3, or better),
• a disk with at least 100 gigabytes of space available,
• USB 2.0 port to download data,
• Ethernet and wireless network capability to exchange information.