Multiple Uses of Seismic Data

The National Science Foundation has entered into a new Cooperative Agreement with IRIS that includes initiatives to start engineering services in support of the science that we envisioned at our 2012 Workshop and described in our proposal for Seismological Facilities for the Advancement of Geoscience and EarthScope (SAGE). Already, the Consortium has convened meetings among tightly focused working groups to develop more specific service concepts. The 2014 IRIS Workshop – Multi-use Facilities for Multi-use Data – is an opportunity to explore how these concepts can be integrated and adapted to best facilitate the use of seismological and other data in research and discovery across the Earth sciences. We expect to build substantially on the community’s consensus around the SAGE proposal and establish strategies to begin substantial work on initiatives for which only limited funding was included in the NSF Cooperative Agreement.

Join in Planning for the Future of Seismology

With its unified Cooperative Agreement running into 2018, the Consortium governs a broad range of services with the flexibility to adapt them to meet the needs of both evolving and newly emerging modes of seismological research. At the IRIS Workshop, the community will make plans to best facilitate the use of seismological and other data in research and discovery across the Earth sciences with novel service concepts such as

  • Large N Initiative
  • Subduction Zone Observatory
  • Global Array of Broadband Arrays


One goal this year is to encourage broader engagement across the community in discussion of strategic directions for IRIS. At the Workshop, participants will be encouraged to contribute their advice related to at least one of three scientific topics areas that make use of seismological data:

  • Thermo-chemical internal dynamics and volatile distribution within the Earth;
  • Faulting and deformation processes;
  • Change and interactions among climate, hydrology, surface processes, and tectonics.


IRIS facility activities that have significantly advanced since the 2012 Workshop include completing deployment of the TA across the conterminous US, progress towards deploying TA stations in Alaska, and development of OBSIP Management.
There are also important developments in longer-standing IRIS activities — the Global Seismographic Network, Portable Instrumentation, Data Management, Education & Public Outreach, Magnetotellurics, Polar Services, and International Development Seismology.
Program Managers, Standing and Advisory Committees, and Working Groups are organizing SIG meetings and a section in the poster hall to highlight facility activities.