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2012 IRIS Workshop

Look to the Future
The 2010 Workshop celebrated 25 years of accomplishments, based largely on facilities envisioned when IRIS was created. With the merging in 2013 of the Cooperative Agreements for core programs and USArray, the IRIS community has a special opportunity to reevaluate and possibly realign the facilities as we look forward to the future of cooperative seismology during the next 25 years.

Science Accomplishments and Vision
The IRIS Workshop continues to serve as a forum at the cutting edge of Earth science that is unique for focusing on seismological contributions yet still covers of the full breadth of our discipline. Research enabled by IRIS facilities contributes to our understanding of:

  • The effect of temperature, composition, and internal boundaries on mantle and core dynamics and the changing morphology of our living environment, and the evolution of the lithosphere and plate boundary systems over Earth history.
  • The relationship between stress, strain, and deformation as exhibited through earthquakes, slow slip, volcanic eruptions and movement of fluids within the crust.
  • The relationship of Earth structure and dynamics to the distribution of resources and hazards, and the system response to anthropogenic forcing.
  • The interaction of atmospheric, oceanic, cryospheric, and volcanic processes with the solid Earth.

Five-Year Proposal
The Workshop is an opportunity for the community to learn about the status of the proposal, provide valuable input for the submission, prepare for the review and response process, and plan for the next Cooperative Agreement.

IRIS Management
This is the first Workshop since IRIS management was reorganized into "Instrument Services", "Data Services", and "Education and Public Outreach". The Board of Directors and IRIS staff members plan to talk with Workshop participants about using the new management structure to ensure community engagement in IRIS activities.

IRIS Facility Activities
New IRIS activities since the 2010 Workshop include OBS-IP Management Office, RAMP and MRI station installations in Chile, and planning for TA stations in Alaska. Activities that have matured since 2010 include Polar Support (including GLISN) and International Development Seismology. There are also important developments in longer-standing IRIS activities — GSN, PASSCAL, DMS, EPO, TA, FA, & MT. There will be talks on research facilitated by many of these activities. In addition, Program Managers, Standing and Advisory Committees, and Working Groups are encouraged to organize SIGs and a section in the poster hall to highlight facility activities.