Mailing Lists

IRIS has a variety of mailing lists available on different topics. To find out more about how our mailing lists, there is a good write up in the Data Services Newsletter.

Since 2015, IRIS has been migrating mailing lists to a new system, the IRIS Message Center.  Over time, all mailing lists are planned to move to this new system.

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Available Mailing Lists

Name Description
BUD-data Announcements about BUD real time data
Bulkmail IRIS Bulkmail List for announcements, workshops and job opportunities.
data-issues A forum for researchers to exchange information, questions, and observations about data received from the DMC.
eno_quakes IRIS E&O - Recent Earthquakes and Teachable Moments
irisdmc-help A forum for IRIS DMC users to exchange ideas and ask questions about data access, software use, etc.
irised A forum for IRIS E&O to raise awareness of new products and programs and to discuss the teaching of seismology. 
iris-mug A forum for the IRIS community to discuss MATLAB(R) issues related to using IRIS data.
iris-rtfeeds IRIS mailing list for reporting real-time feed status
pdcc Portable Data Collection Centers announcements
OBSIPtec Discussion of technical and operational issues relating to Ocean Bottom Seismographs
qc-issues Quality Control Issues
sac-dev A forum for SAC developers to exchange ideas about SAC enhancements, bug fixes, etc.
sac-help A forum for SAC users to exchange ideas and ask questions about SAC usage, installation, portability, etc.
seismoacoustic_infrasound A forum for researchers to exchange ideas, compare observations, and ask questions relating to infrasonic data.
software-info IRIS DMC Software Announcement List
USArray_TA_QA A forum for USArray Transportable Array Quality Assurance.
webservices IRIS Web Services List
earlycareers A forum for discussing ways to aid the early career development of seismologists.